High Society

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 25
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.01-0.10
Max Coins per Line: 20
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 50
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: No
Software: Microgaming

Basic Information

Those who always dreamed of a life lived in luxury and spoiled by all means, would enjoy this game which represents exactly that luxury lifestyle they have always dreamed of. With symbols related to the high society, this game will be a true joy to all the players who wish to have the chance to win prizes in a game adorned with symbols inspired from the luxury lifestyle: plane, boat, luxury car, gold bars, money suitcase, silver bars, money bag, diamond ring, gold watch and stack of cash.

Game Rules

The player needs to set the stake, which can be between 0.01 and 50 per spin, depending on the number of lines, coins and the coin value chosen. The win amounts are influenced by the stake value, so that the higher the stake is, the higher is the amount won for the same combination of symbols. In order to win, the player needs to get combinations of a certain number of symbols of the same, which count from left to right on adjacent reels.

Special Symbols and Features

The High Society Logo is the wild symbol and thus it is able to substitute for all the symbols except the scatter symbol. In the main game, this symbol only appears on reels 1 and 5. In the free spins feature, the wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The stack of cash is the scatter symbol and when three or more of this symbol appear on the reels, in any positions, they trigger the free spins with a bonus choice. There are two different bonus choices: the free spins with super wild reels – in which there are up to 3 wild reels, and the free spins with super multiplier – in which the player can win a multiplier of up to 10x.


For the maximum bet, the player has the chance to win the jackpot of 6000 credits, if he gets five plane symbols on the reels. The next jackpot is of 5000 credits and it can be won by either getting five boat symbols on the reels, or by getting five scatter symbols in any position on the reels. Also, five luxury car symbols on the reels will get the player a jackpot of 4000 credits.

Football Star

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 243
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.01-0.10
Max Coins per Line: 10
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 50
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: No
Software: Microgaming

Basic Information

Football Star is a slot game powered by Microgaming. In this game, the symbols are on five reels and 3 rows and the player has 243 ways to win. As it can be understood starting with the title of this game, it features a football game, so that the symbols on the reels feature different icons representative for the theme: soccer ball, players, T-shirt, shoes, referee and football arena.

Game Rules

In order to play, the player first needs to select the coin value and the number of coins to bet. The total bet is automatically calculated. After setting the desired stake, the player needs to click on the Spin button to start spinning the reels. The wins in the game depend on the value of the stake, so that the higher the stake is, the higher the wins are.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

The Football Star Logo acts as the wild symbol in this game. This symbol may appear as stacked wild symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5. There are more than 40 wild symbols on the reels, thus increasing the player’s chances to get a winning combination. The wild symbol can be used as a substitute for all the symbols in the game, except for the scatter symbol.

There is a special facet called the Striking Wild Feature. The reels 2, 3 or 4 randomly turn wild and guarantee a win to the player. The Rolling Reels feature cannot be activated during the Striking Wild Feature.

The football is the scatter symbol in this game. When at least three scatter symbols appear, they trigger 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively.

The Rolling Reels feature can award multiple consecutive wins to the player and this feature may also award a multiplier of up to 10x during the free spins feature.


The wins in this game are influenced by the stake. The scatter symbol is also the highest paying symbol in the game. For the highest stake, of 50, if five scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player wins 12500 credits. For 4 scatter symbols, the player is rewarded with 2500 credits, while 3 scatter symbols award the player with 250 credits.


Reels: 5

Winning Lines: 243

Coin Values: CAD $/€/£0.01-0.10

Max Coins Per Line:

Max Per Spin: CAD $/€/£15

Wild Symbol: Yes

Scatter Symbol: Yes

Bonus Features: Yes

Progressive: No

Software: Microgaming

Playboy is a game based on the magazine and different things that go on at the Mansion. The theme is about lots of money, material objects, and enjoying live with beautiful women. Everyone deserves to dream.

The game is offered by Microgaming and there are a slew of casinos offering the hot game. Some casinos are All Slots Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, Jackpot City Casino and many more for enjoying the slot.

Playboy Basic Information

In Playboy there is nothing special about the backdrop is it appears dark like the night. You can find hot models, achievements, fast cars and motorcycles, along with the common symbols of 10, J, Q, K, and A.

This video slot comes with plenty of hot women that like to toss the mounds of money at you. The music will have you chilling out while enjoying the great graphics. The slot has five reels with 243 paylines, along with four bonus rounds.

Playboy Coin Values and Jackpots

Playboy has a variety of coin sizes that can fit easily into any budget. The sizes start out at just one cent and go to 10 cents.

Making a maximum bet using all 30 lines will only cost 15 dollars per spin. That is not bad considering the jackpot that can be won is 1,215,000 coins!

Playboy Jackpot Rules

Winning was never so much fun. When looking to hit the big one of 1,215,000 coins it will only take entering the club four times and getting to know the ladies.

Playboy Special Symbols

The wild symbol is the Playboy logo. It can substitute for everything except the scatter. All winnings will be multiplied by 2.

The Scatter Symbol is the Playboy magazine. It only takes three magazines to send you into the bonus round and meeting the ladies.

Playboy Bonus Game

The bonus game is triggered when three scatters land on the reels. At this time you are invited into the club where the ladies are waiting. The more popular you are at entering the more prizes that are waiting.

The bonus rounds, ladies and prizes are below.

Kimi will show the first four times when in the club. She will give 10 spins for free that come with a multiplier of 5x.

Sophia shows when you visit 5 through 9 times. She will give out 15 spins for free and running wilds.

Ashley will beckon on visits 10 through 15. She will give 20 spins for free and Rolling Reel multipliers of 2x-5x.

Jillian will finally appear on visit 15. She hands out 25 spins for free and a random Wild Night that can make 5 reels wild.

Playboy Final Thoughts

With all the eye candy and money being thrown around get ready to go on a ride of a lifetime. It only takes a little change to win a huge pot!

Dr. Watts Up

Reels: 5
Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€:.30-120
Winning Lines: 243
Max Coins Per Line: 0.20
Wild Symbol: Yes
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 120
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Progressive: No
Bonus Features: Yes
Software: Microgaming

Dr. Watts Up is a funny slot game which is played online. This 5-reel and 243 paylines game has a quacky theme of a mad scientist. While the player derives great fun while playing this game, he is also offered the chance of winning maximum limit jackpot and bonus.

Dr. Watts Up Basic Information

Dr. Watts Up is an animated video slot by Microgaming. The game was released in 2013, and it comes with a mad scientist theme. When it comes to the visual features, the game displays a high level of quality with detailed, high-resolution textures, and a bundle of themed symbols. The game also features a theme song, and provides quality sound effects during the gameplay.

Dr. Watts Up Coin Values and Jackpots

The denomination in the game ranges from 0.30 credits up to as high as 120.00. The game comes with a non-progressive jackpot. Non-progressive refers to a maximum payout limit, which in the case of Dr. Watts Up is 50.000 coins, which translates to a $10.000 cash payout. The maximum regular win awards the player with 4860 coins.

Dr. Watts Up Jackpot Rules

The game’s jackpot can be won during the regular game. There are three requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to win it though. First, the player must play a real money game. The jackpot cannot be won during the game’s fun mode. Second, the player must make a maximum bet, with all paying lines enabled. Third, 5 Dr. Watts Up symbol needs to appear, in successive order, on an enabled payline. If all three of conditions comes to fruition, the player is awarded with the full value of the jackpot.

Dr. Watts Up Special Symbols

The wild symbol is represented by the Dr. Watts Up logo. As a wild, this symbol acts as a substitute, and it replaces any other symbols in the game, with the exception of the scatter.

The scatter symbols are represented by the Atom, and Lab Mouse symbols, and as scatters, they can appear on any reels, without the need to be in a sequence, or on an enabled line.

Dr. Watts Up Bonus Games

When three or more Atom symbol appears on the reels, the game triggers its free spins bonus. Depending on the number of appearing scatters, the player is awarded with either 10, 15, or 20 free spins, during which the controls are disabled.

Dr. Watts Up Final Thoughts

Dr. Watts is a 5 reel, 243 pay way slot, and it comes with the usual game play features, it has a non-progressive jackpot, a wild symbol, a scatter, and a free spin bonus round.

Starlight Kiss

Reels: 5

Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€: .01-150

Winning Lines: 30

Max Coins Per Line: 20

Wild Symbol: Yes

Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 600

Scatter Symbol: Yes

Progressive: No

Bonus Features: Yes

Software: Microgaming

Around the time of Valentine, players like to indulge in a romantic video slot game of Startlight Kiss. Filled with romantic elements, symbols and a famous love song, players play this light game to take advantage of bonuses and jackpot.

Starlight Kiss Basic Information

The Starlight Kiss is all about the Love which is celebrated on Valentine’s and therefore it was aptly released around the time of Valentine in 2013. This online video slot game carries a Valentine theme which is made possible by the use of high quality animated visuals, textures and art style. Furthermore the whole fable like appeal is accentuated by a romantic theme song.

Starlight Kiss Coin Values and Jackpots

Starlight Kiss features a non-progressive jackpot; which means that the player has a chance to receive maximum payout. In a game where the denomination of credits ranges from 0.01 to 150 credits, the maximum payout is 40.00 coins; which means around $10.00 in cash.

Starlight Kiss Jackpot Rules

Starlight Kiss is not only interesting, it also offers a chance to win the jackpot during the game. The jackpot symbol in this game is the same as the Wild symbol, which is Starlight Kiss Logo. But the jackpot can only be won if three conditions are fulfilled – firstly that the player cannot play in the fun mode and has to play with real money. Next, the player has to place his full bet and he should also enable the pay lines. Once that is done, the last thing that the player has to do is make the Logo appear in one sequence on the pay line which is enabled. If all these conditions are met, the player will be automatically awarded with the jackpot in its maximum value.

Starlight Kiss Special Symbols

In Starlight Kiss, the player can use both the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is the Starlight Kiss Logo and the Scatter symbol is the Bonus Couple and the Mansion symbol. As with other video slot games, the Wild can be used in place of any other missing symbols in a sequence but not in place of the scatter. The scatter, on the other hand, is more advantageous because it can be placed anywhere, whether it forms the consecutive sequence or not.

Starlight Kiss Bonus Game

There is also a bonus in the game and that is activated when the Bonus Couple symbol appears either three or more times in the game. When this happens, the bonus feature is triggered automatically and the player is taken to another window which is filled with romantic elements in a beautiful garden. The player, then, has to select a few of these elements and fill the romance meter to win the bonus prize.

Starlight Kiss Final Thoughts

In short, the Starlight Kiss is 5 reel video slot game with 30 payline slot. This game is based on a light romantic theme which comes alive because of the use of romantic elements and animated symbol and sounds throughout the game. The elements include the mansion, romantic letter and of course chocolate.

Paradise Found

Reels: 5

Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€: .01-1.00

Winning Lines: 20

Max Coins Per Line: 0.50

Wild Symbol: Yes

Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 200

Scatter Symbol: Yes

Progressive: No

Bonus Features: Yes

Software: Microgaming

Paradise Found is an exciting slot game having the mesmerizing Himalayan theme. The player can play on 5 reel and 20 payline slot with a chance to hit the jack pot and win the bonus.

Paradise Found Basic Information

Microgaming has introduced many online and animated video-slot games for its faithful users. One of these is the famous Paradise Found which was released in 2013. Paradise Found is based on the theme of the Himalayan Mountains. The use of high resolution textures and fine detailed animated symbols of the exotic mountain range helps in making the theme and the atmosphere come alive for the player. The only sound effects that are provided in the game are those of the slot.

Paradise Found Coin Values and Jackpots

Like many other games by Microgaming, there is a possibility of winning the jackpot. The jackpot in this game is non-progressive; which means that there is a chance of winning maximum payout. The denomination of Paradise Found starts from 0.50 and goes up till 200.00 credits. The maximum payout, however, is 1000 coins.

Paradise Found Jackpot Rules

In order to win the maximum limit jackpot, the player has to complete 3 requirements – One, the player should turn off the free game mode and switch to playing with real money. Then the player has to pitch in with the maximum coin bet and enable all pay lines. And lastly, there should be 5 Yak symbols appearing on an enabled pay line but in succession.

Paradise Found Special Symbols

The player can use the Wild and Scatter symbol in this game. The wild symbol is the Lotus Flower, whereas the Scatter symbol is shown as the Monastery and Traveler symbol. While the Wild symbol can replace any other icon in the pay line, it cannot substitute the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol can be placed anywhere on the pay reel to complete a sequence. The player doesn’t have to worry about keeping them in a sequence; that is why they are very advantageous.

Paradise Found Bonus Game

With Paradise Found, you also have a chance to win the bonus if you are lucky enough to get your wild symbol on reel 1 and the Monastery scatter symbol on reel 5 at the same time. This simultaneous appearance of both symbols will then trigger the bonus feature. During the bonus, the reels will be held and only a single slot on reel number 2, 3 or even more will start to turn randomly, consequently awarding the player with the prize.

Paradise Found Final Thoughts

The Paradise Found is an online slot game featuring the great Himalayan theme which is made possible with authentic imagery like the yak, monastery, Tibetan chalice and lotus flower.

Break Away

Reels: 5
Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€: .01-0.10
Winning Lines: 243
Max Coins Per Line: 0.50
Wild Symbol: Yes
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 50
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Progressive: No
Bonus Features: Yes
Software: Microgaming

Break Away is an online video slot game having 5 reel and 243 pay lines. It is based on ice-hockey theme and carries all authentic ice hockey symbols, like the hockey puck, crowd, referee and goalie.

Break Away Basic Information

For someone who loves playing or watching ice hockey, this video-slot game offers a 2 in 1 chance to do both that and play an animated video game with a chance of winning jackpot. The game was released in 2008 by Microgaming and is still popular amongst players because of its art style and high-resolution animation. The use of authentic sounds is what makes this game even more interesting.

Break Away Coin Values and Jackpots

Break Away is a non-progressive jackpot game and the players are offered a chance to win a jackpot with maximum pay out limit, which in this particular game is equivalent to 50 credits. The denomination, however, starts from 0.50 credits going up to 50.00 credits.

Break Away Jackpot Rules

The players do have a chance of winning the ultimate jackpot in Break Away but they have to fulfill three requirements to become eligible for the jackpot. Firstly, the player has to play with real money; so if someone is playing on the fun mode, they have to switch from that.

Secondly, with all paying lines being enabled, the player has to make the maximum bet to get the maximum pay out. Lastly, 5 symbols of Red Hockey Player have to appear on the enabled pay lines and only in succession. After completing these 3 requirements, the player wins the ultimate jackpot of full value.

Break Away Special Symbols

Break Away players can use both Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol. The wild symbol can be used as a substitution icon in place of any other missing symbols in the pay line to create a winning chain. The wild symbol, however, cannot be used in place of scatter symbols. The wild symbol is the Break Away Logo.

The Scatter symbol, which is the Flaming Puck symbol, can also be used advantageously as it can appear anywhere on the pay reels and it doesn’t have to follow any sequence. So, a winning sequence can easily be built using this symbol.

Break Away Bonus Game

The spin bonus can also be triggered in this game easily when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reel. The player is given 5, 15 or even 25 free spins depending upon how many of these Flaming Puck symbols appeared on the reel before the bonus is triggered.

Break Away Final Thoughts

In short, Break Away is a fun video slot game with an ice hockey theme which is created by related animated symbols like referee, goalie, hockey puck, hockey player and of course a steaming crowd with authentic sound effect.

Secret Santa Online Slot

Reels: 5

Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€: .01-25

Winning Lines: 1024

Max Coins Per Line: 0.05

Wild Symbol: Yes

Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 25

Scatter Symbol: Yes

Progressive: No

Bonus Features: Yes

Software: Microgaming

Secret Santa is an interesting, Christmas-themed, video slot game, which uses high quality animated symbols relating to Christmas and offers players a chance to win jackpot and bonus prizes.

Secret Santa Basic Information

What better game to play around the time of Christmas than Secret Santa which was released in 2013? The game builds up a Christmas theme with a Christmas song and other sound effects. But that is not all, the game also utilizes quality animated features and art symbols relating to Christmas. The graphics and layout are simply mesmerizing.

Secret Santa Coin Values and Jackpots

Being a non-progressive jackpot game, Secret Santa offers a chance to the players to win maximum payout; which in this game is 24.00 credits. The denomination of the game starts at 0.01 credits.

Secret Santa Jackpot Rules

Now here is how you can win the jackpot – the first thing that the player has to do is make a switch from free play to playing with real money. Next, the player must make a maximum bet and enable all paying lines. And lastly, five Santa symbols must appear on the enabled pay line in sequence. Once he has met all these requirements he will win the full value jackpot.

Secret Santa Special Symbols

Secret Santa also features the Wild and the Scatter Symbols. The Wild can replace any other symbol in the game acting as a substitute. However this wild symbol, which is the Secret Santa Logo, cannot replace the Scatter.

The Scatter, on the other hand, is the Cracker symbol. The scatter has the advantage of creating winning combinations by appearing anywhere on the paylines as the requirement of coming in sequence doesn’t apply to the scatter symbol.

Secret Santa Bonus Game

The Secret Santa wouldn’t be complete without its bonus feature. This can get randomly activated during the game. With the bonus symbol activated, the player has the chance to play any of the seven bonus feature games which are, Wild Boost Bonus Game, Dashing Wilds Bonus Game, Scatter Spree Bonus Game, Wild Reels Bonus Game, Mystery Multiplier Bonus Game and Free Spin Bonus Game.

Secret Santa Final Thoughts

Secret Santa is a Christmas themed game having 5 reels and 1024 paylines. The game is filled with Christmas symbols like the turkey, the pudding, the presents and of course the Christmas tree.

Mummy Scratch Card

Reels: – No

Coin Values CAD$/$/Ł/€:.20-100

Winning Lines: – No

Max Coins Per Line: – No

Wild Symbol: No

Max Per Spin CAD$/$/Ł/€: 100

Scatter Symbol: No

Progressive: No

Bonus Features: Yes

Software: Playtech

The Mummy is an online scratching card game using excellent graphics, animated symbols from the movie and an autoplay feature. The experience is intensified with the use of bonus feature.

The Mummy Basic Information

If you are into trying your luck through online scratching cards, then try the Mummy which is offered by Playtech as a unique virtual scratching card with animated features. What sets this game apart is that it uses latest technology and includes actual animated symbols from the movie to make the game even more interesting for the players. The excitement of playing with high quality visuals is accentuated with the autoplay feature of the game. This feature allows the players to select from 10 to 50 rounds in the multiple of 10. Playtech has set a simple goal – all the players need to do is find 3 matching symbols and if during their search they find a bonus symbol then the game is automatically postponed to run the bonus feature.

The Mummy Coin Values and Jackpots

With all these great features, the Mummy also has another lucrative offer for the player – playing the non-progressive jackpot, the player has a chance of winning the maximum payout limit which is 100.00 credits. The denomination, however, starts from 0.20 credits.

The Mummy Jackpot Rules

The game also has a jackpot and the players have a chance of winning it during their game if they are able to reveal 3 Mummy symbols. With a maximum (100 credits) bet, the player wins a chance to win the maximum jackpot. Every Mummy symbol has the potential of giving 1000X bet payout.

The Mummy Special Symbols

The special symbol in the game is the Mummy Bonus symbol giving the player a bonus during the game as there is no wild or scatter.

The Mummy Bonus Games

If the player is lucky to reveal the Mummy bonus symbol, the game will halt itself and redirect the player to another screen where he will be able to see 6 coffins; the player can, however, reveal only one of them where he will find the bonus prize. If indeed the player does find the bonus prize, all other hidden bonus prizes will be rewarded to him.

The Mummy Final Thoughts

In its objective, the Mummy isn’t any different from any other virtual scratching card game. However, the superb graphics and the autoplay feature make it very interesting for the player who has to find 3 matching symbols to win the prize. To add more excitement there is also a bonus feature which is explained above.

Iron Man 2

Reels: 5

Winning Lines: 25

Coin Values: CAD $/£/€1.00-10.00

Max Coins Per Line: 10

Max Per Spin: CAD $/£/€250

Wild Symbol: Yes

Scatter Symbol: Yes

Bonus Features: Yes

Progressive: Yes

Software: Playtech

Iron Man 2 is a mind blowing video slot game that captures the action of the Marvel movie released in 2010. Canadian fans that love the movie will be tickled playing this exciting game from Playtech.

Since Iron Man 2 in a Playtech slot game, you will need to hop over to one of the casinos for cashing in on the reels. These casinos include bet365.com, Casino Las Vegas, and Casino.com to name a few.

Iron Man 2 Basic Information

Players will be excited how close the story line follows the action packed movie, Iron Man 2! The background might be a little boring since it only entails a red border, but that is because the action is hopping on the reels. Some characters that will come crashing in are Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff, and Pepper Potts.

There is theme music and sound effects that draw player’s right in. The game features a 25 payline on five reels paired up with some bonus features that will get the heart pounding.

Iron Man 2 Coin Values and Jackpots

Iron Man 2 has a range of different coin sizes that start at just a dollar per line and go all the way to 10 dollars a line. When betting the maximum that means a hefty $250 bet at once, just think what can be won with that kind of bet!

There is a progressive jackpot that is always growing for anyone to snatch up. There are also four more jackpots for grabbing. Grab $100, $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000.

 Iron Man 2 Jackpot Rules

In order to hit the growing progressive jackpot it will take getting 5 Eagle symbols. When this come flying in then depending on the bet players will win 3,000 time the bet or a whopping 30,000 times the bet if the maximum was used.

Iron Man 2 Special Symbols

On Iron Man 2 the Eagle is the wild symbol. This bad boy will substitute for any symbol except IronMan. It only takes three to fly in and $100 will be rewarded easily.

The scatter is the logo Iron Man 2. It takes three to hit and 10 free spins will be rewarded. With the spins come multipliers that are increased along with a fixed wild symbol found on reel 3 in the middle. This cannot be retriggered when playing in the mode.

Iron Man 2 Bonus Games

Iron Man 2 has players digging in deep for the bonus game. It takes 3 Iron Man 2 logos and things start heating up with spins and multipliers.

Some symbols even stretch across two reels at once which means more winnings then ever before.

Iron Man 2 Final Thoughts

Iron Man 2 is as action packed as the movie. Players never know when he will come crashing down to save the day. It can be more on the expensive side when playing, but the rewards and thrills are surely worth every breath holding second.