Biko App


Get rewards and freebies with new cycling app called Biko

Biking has been the most favourite of activities at all times and if you love to bike then here is the good news. The newly launched app in Toronto named Biko offers you rewards and freebies just if you rack up kilometres on your bike. The freebies can be free coffee, packs of beer and lots of other goodies for you. Launched in May 2017 for Toronto bikers this app’s Canadian manager, Molly Millar wants to every award be available …

Odd Bars


Odd Bars Everyone Should Visit in Vancouver

Vancouver is filled with interesting themed bars, but a few wild venues steal the show. These late-night hotspots have become icons with their out of this world themes. From nostalgic throwbacks to exotic décor, these odd bars have become more than just places to get drinks. They provide glimpses into other worlds, and give patrons a refreshing break from the norm. Instead of giving in to the redundancy, these bars aimed to create something truly unique. Everyone agrees that they …

Cambodian Casinos


Cambodian Casinos That Can’t Be Missed

Everyone’s heard of Angkor Wat, but Cambodia’s bustling casinos routinely go overlooked. This is due to the fact that the country is mostly known for its wild nightlife and gorgeous temples. While this may be the main appeal for Westerners, Cambodia has been a gambling sanctuary for decades. Unlike their neighbors, Cambodia has an extremely relaxed approach to gambling. This has let the country cash in on a continuous flood of Thai and Vietnamese tourists. Everyday thousands of players cross …

Celebrate Autumn in Canada with the wonderful festivals coming this month


Celebrate autumn in Canada with the wonderful festivals coming this month

Canada is ranked as the second best country in the world. This was declared in March 2017 when the “Best Countries” survey from the U.S. News & World Report was conducted. The survey evaluated 80 countries in a variety of categories including economic influence, citizenship and quality of life. It is not only best in economy and people but the seasons and nature makes it more admired all over the world. When talking of seasons Autumn is now almost there …

the Philippines


Explore the Biggest Casinos in the Philippines

Even though it routinely gets overlooked, the Philippines is a gambler’s paradise. They have a thriving casino industry that’s getting reinvigorated with the opening of multiple integrated resorts. These stunning additions have caused luxury tourism to skyrocket, even though most people would never guess. The negative headlines are misleading, since the Philippines is one of the safest places to visit in the world. They are known for hospitality, but now their casino industry has become to vibrant to ignore. Even …



Resourceful Hackers Are Driving Canadian Casinos Wild

The biggest threat to Canada’s thriving casino industry isn’t government regulation, it’s hackers. For the past 4 years, the industry has been under siege by a resourceful group of hackers. Dubbed FIN10 by authorities, they have extracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bold series of cyberattacks. This has been achieved by holding sensitive information hostage, and destroying the operating systems of those who don’t pay. One of the most remarkable factors is the fact that this group has …

Western Fair District Casino


Western Fair District in London Canada could be home to a big new casino soon

Western Fair District could soon become home to a massive new casino, after a B.C. company in May 2017 took over provincially operated gaming sites across Southwestern Ontario. According to Western Fair District chief executive Hugh Mitchell, it soon could be home to a big new casino if the city council nods the head as B.C.’s Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. has taken over provincially-run gaming sites across the region. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd.’s planned $200-million investment in the …

Strangest Casino Games


Surprise Yourself With the Strangest Casino Games

While every casino offers poker, some offer far more exotic games. These cater to the adventurous player, since most people opt for more well-known games. Even though most people flock to the slots machines, there are plenty of other games to explore. These range from silly to downright bizarre, since they mostly revolve around animals. Betting on wildlife may seem ridiculous, because in many ways it is. There’s no odds to calculate, since animals are completely unpredictable. This doesn’t stop …

Flash game sites


Kill Time With the Best Flash Game Sites

Everyone loves playing flash games, but not everyone knows which sites offer the best entertainment. When it comes to killing time, flash games can’t be beaten. They give users a much needed escape from the mundane routines that consume their lives. From waiting for a ride to surviving a boring job, everyone needs a break. Even though most people crave a distraction, not everyone can pay top dollar for entertainment. For this reason, flash games exploded in popularity. Their heyday …

Wild NYC Attractions


Wild NYC Attractions You Need to See

New York may have undergone a makeover, but it’s still home to plenty of odd attractions. This is refreshing to see, since most Canadians come back with the same stories after visiting NYC. Everyone has visited the Statue of Liberty & gotten lost in the crowds at Times Square. While those are things that everyone should see, some travelers crave something a little more interesting. There’s something to be said about discovering something unique, since individuality while travelling is making …