cafés in montreal


Treat Yourself to the Best Cafés in Montreal

Montreal is full of surprises, & their café scene is no exception. This bustling city is absolutely packed with coffee shops. Each one boasts a unique style that’s showcased in the presentation of their products. These vibrant venues are the perfect place to start your day. They manage to liven things up with live music & cozy styles. It’s no secret that Canadians have a long running affair with coffee. This unbridled passion has given birth to plenty of epic …

Bizarre Attractions


Explore Canada’s Most Bizarre Attractions

Despite having a tame reputation, Canada is filled with delightfully odd places. It may be one of the cleanest countries in the world, but it has its fair share of bizarre attractions. Everyone has heard of the Niagara falls, but there are plenty of Canadian natural wonders that defy all odds. From mysterious lakes to native carvings, these attractions steal the show. These natural anomalies have baffled visitors for centuries with their outlandish characteristics. What makes them stand out is …


11 popular and awesome dishes to try when in Canada

Canadians are really cool people who have finer things in life and enjoy their life. When it comes to food they love to eat healthier and ethnic foods. They also like bakery products and their culinary contributions range from centuries-old savoury soups to rich desserts with mysterious histories. Here are 11 popular and awesome dishes to try when in Canada. 1. Poutine- From the house of Poutine Poutine is the star attraction of Canadian cuisine and is perhaps one of …

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3 Casinos in Canada Everyone Should Visit

Everyone knows that Canada is a great place to live, but few know about its bustling casinos. Even though they fly under the radar, Canada’s casinos are well worth visiting. These venues are bursting at the seams with vibrant entertainment, putting them on par with the best in the world. They offer unparalleled gaming experiences that are nestled inside Canada’s pristine wilderness. With these casinos, visitors get to experience the best of both worlds. These casinos are the size of …

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Avoid These Tourist Attractions in 2017

The world is filled with epic travel destinations, & some should be avoided at all costs. These places have been transformed into tourist traps by their raging popularity. There are plenty of places that will lure you in with their charm, only give you the runaround. While these places had their heyday, over the years the allure has faded. From throngs of tourists to booming construction projects, these tourist attractions aren’t in their prime. Out of all the vibrant places …


13 world known products that are made in Canada

Canada is the largest country with nice people  an fine things to enjoy. Known for invention of telephone by Graham Bell, great masters of hockey and ice hockey, great beer which is one of the Canada’s favourite exports, French fries and many other tons of products used around the world today were made in Canada. Here are the list of 13 world known products that are made in Canada. 1. The World’s French Fries Come from New Brunswick New Brunswick …

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Enjoy the Best Online Slot Games of 2017

Amidst the tsunami of new online slot games, a few are stealing the show. Even though these games are new, their providers aren’t. In this industry, it takes a decent amount of time for an online casino to build its reputation. After years of avoiding blacklists, these sites enjoy the glory of earning our trust. This impressive display of honesty gives them the benefit of a doubt when releasing new games. Since their anterior games were game changers, the next …

Detroit Attractions


Discover 3 Surprising Detroit Attractions

Situated only a half mile away from Canada is the notorious city of Detroit. While it may embody the failure of the American dream, it has come a long way in the last few years. There are still plenty of abandoned buildings, but it is now safe to visit. The downtown area has been revitalized & tourism is on the rise. This fresh burst of interest is putting the spotlight back on Detroit. It may have been hit hard by …

Worst Online Casinos


Meet the Worst Online Casinos of 2016

In many ways, 2016 highlighted the good & bad side of online casinos. Over the last few years the online gambling industry has transformed into an international bonanza. Online casinos are the perfect way for people to gamble in the comfort of their own home. This unrivaled convenience has pushed millions of players to switch to playing online. All this fresh interest has given birth to a tsunami of new casinos. Now players from around the world have access to …


The 12 coolest winter activities to get involved in wonderful Canada destinations

As you might have now happily embraced the New Year and still enjoying your holiday seasons still many of you might be attracted to the cool weather and snow outside. Obviously no one can deny that Canadians just love winter and snow. Neither you like to stay indoors all the time but you might be enthusiastic to rush outside to experience joys of the winter season. If you look around there are many wonderful Canada locations where you can explore …