classic flash games


Classic Flash Games That Still Captivate Players

Plenty of flash games have come & gone, but some were good enough to stay relevant. While most games lose their buzz after a year, a chosen few have become household names. These releases became instant classics, & are still played decades after their historic debuts. In an age where players are bombarded with new releases, this is no easy feat. Every year developers take games to new heights, but they still can’t outdo a classic. Even though these hits …


Nearing Retirement- Here are the 7 of the best places to retire across Canada

Canada is a place where you will find people from all walks of life. Most of the people are immigrants that come here for jobs from various countries like UK and South Asian Countries. Then love for  this beautiful country will certainly want any one to settle here. Besides with lots of facilities specially health care that is wonderful in this country. So when you retire from work here obviously if you love this place you would wish to settle …

Biggest Lotteries


Discover the 3 Biggest Lotteries in the World

Out of all the many forms of gambling, none are more epic than state run lotteries. While many countries have put limits on online gambling, they gladly allow local lotteries. This legal loophole allows them to offer larger than life jackpots to their players. These organizations have the green light from the local government, so it’s no surprise that they go full throttle. Every year they pool together staggering amounts of cash, & countless players scramble to get a piece …

Controversial Games


Meet the Most Controversial Games Ever Made

Flash games may be notorious for promoting senseless violence, but some games went too far. In an industry that prides itself on pushing the limits, every company wants to make a name for themselves. This is usually done by creating something that shocks customers. Today this is no easy task, sense most players are completely desensitized. Decades of video game evolution has brought out every topic imaginable, so companies have to get creative. In order to shock users, these producers …

odd cafés


Visit These Delightfully Odd Cafés in Montreal

Montreal is a city that loves to offer something completely unique, & their cafés are no exception. For years, this city has dazzled guests with their impressive dash of French influence. From the bilingual population to the bustling cafés, Montreal refuses to fall into any traditional stereotype. The city boasts a politely rebellious attitude that’s extremely charming. All these qualities can be seen in their slew of restaurants & cafés. This is no surprise, since crazy cafés are a staple …

Wild Restaurants


3 Wild Restaurants To Visit in Toronto

For those who are searching for unique dining experiences, Toronto doesn’t disappoint. The city prides itself on being different, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some wild restaurants. These venues range from innovative to downright hilarious, but they can all make anyone rethink how a restaurant should be. They offer a glimpse at alternative dining, which is always something to be explored. When it comes to dining, it’s easy to get roped into a cycle of monotony. Every day …

Canadian Road Trips


The 7 Best Canadian Road Trips to Enjoy

As the Spring sets and summer days are awaited ahead it is time to view the nature of Canada. If you love to drive and want to take shots of the best landscape around then why not plan out a road trip with your friends and family. Road trips have their own adventure and charm. Here are the 7 best Canadian road trips to enjoy. 1. The Trans-Canada Highway Spanning over 7800 kilometres from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland, …

Casinos in Detroit


Explore the Best Casinos in Detroit

Unbeknownst to many Canadians, Detroit is filled with epic casinos. These venues provide premium entertainment that’s just a stone’s throw from the border. While many of Detroit’s former attractions lay in ruin, their casinos are thriving. Over the last decade, a slew of top notch casinos have opened up. These larger than life casinos feature spectacular venues & thousands of gaming options. This gives tourists ample places to explore on their quest to strike it rich. When crossing the border …

cafés in montreal


Treat Yourself to the Best Cafés in Montreal

Montreal is full of surprises, & their café scene is no exception. This bustling city is absolutely packed with coffee shops. Each one boasts a unique style that’s showcased in the presentation of their products. These vibrant venues are the perfect place to start your day. They manage to liven things up with live music & cozy styles. It’s no secret that Canadians have a long running affair with coffee. This unbridled passion has given birth to plenty of epic …

Bizarre Attractions


Explore Canada’s Most Bizarre Attractions

Despite having a tame reputation, Canada is filled with delightfully odd places. It may be one of the cleanest countries in the world, but it has its fair share of bizarre attractions. Everyone has heard of the Niagara falls, but there are plenty of Canadian natural wonders that defy all odds. From mysterious lakes to native carvings, these attractions steal the show. These natural anomalies have baffled visitors for centuries with their outlandish characteristics. What makes them stand out is …