Let Loose in the Best Nightclubs in Toronto

Even though Canadians are known for being polite, there’s no denying that they know how to party. Canada is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world, and this multi-culturalism is showcased in Toronto. Sporting around 6 million residents and 960 bars, Toronto is the ideal place to mingle. On top of having a wonderful selection of venues, their nightclubs are renown for being wild. Most are open until 3am, and some can stay open till 4am …

How to play Dota2


Esports madness in Canada- The International Dota2 Championship coming to Vancouver

The International Dota2 Championship coming to Vancouver at Rogers Arena

Prime Ministers


Examine Canada’s Most Controversial Prime Ministers

Every country has had their fair share of controversial leaders, and Canada is no exception. From foreign controversies to questionable business behavior, politicians are far from perfect. Even though everyone has their flaws, for some reason everyone expects prime ministers to be different. Our double standards for prime ministers make them go to great lengths to disguise their true personalities from the public. Thanks to this balancing act between showmanship and reality, even the most popular prime ministers get caught …


Big casino coming up in Pickering by 2019 that would become a major GTA gambling destination

Pickering to have a huge casino and would create more jobs in the GTA area of Canada

Hong Kong


Explore the Best Options to Gamble in Hong Kong

Even though Macau routinely steals the show, there are plenty of ways to gamble in Hong Kong. Ever since it transferred rule from Britain to China in 1997, it’s had a complicated political atmosphere. While the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is an autonomous territory, they abide by China’s rules. This means gambling is frowned upon, which creates a massive conundrum in a land where gambling is treasured. Faced with draconian enforcement, Hong Kong …

Restaurants in Montreal


Treat Yourself to the Wildest Restaurants in Montreal

Out of all the bustling venues across Canada, Montreal’s restaurants manage to steal the show. From exotic cuisine to fun themes, Montreal’s new wave of restaurants can’t be missed. Sporting the highest restaurants per capita in North America, it’s no secret that there are plenty of choices in Montreal. Due to liberal rules on restaurant permits, the number of new dining spots have exploded. Just between 2005 to 2012, the amount of new restaurants soared by 31%. Instead of aiming …

Canada has biggest deal in gambling industry


Canada has biggest deals in Gambling Industry of more than $14 billion

Canada has biggest deals in Gambling Industry of more than $14 billion with outstanding gambling companies in Canada

Charitable Lotteries


Meet Canada’s Top Charitable Lotteries

In times where many are feeling financial tensions, charitable lotteries are a great way for corporations to raise money for charity. In exchange for a small donation, participants are eligible for a wide variety of prizes. Everything from luxury items to cash prizes are offered to incentivize people to participate. While engaging in charitable lotteries or raffles is fun, they also make an impact on the community. From helping the elderly to curing sick children, there are many ways raffles contribute …



Treat Yourself to the Best Casinos in Montreal

Even though Toronto’s casinos have stolen the spotlight, Montreal has a more refined gaming scene. There are only two casinos in the city, which allows them to provide a more intimate experience to visitors. In total there are over 3,010 slot machines and 115 table games to choose from. From Keno to Poker, every imaginable game is available to punters. This impressive selection allows visitors to indulge in all of their favorite games, without having to worry about crowds. While …

Flash Games


3 Flash Games That Are Still Captivating Players in 2018

Over the years, players have been blessed with a tidal wave of new flash games. Countless releases were produced by all the biggest developers in the industry. From interactive puzzle games to tower defense challenges, these games have enough charm to win over the most skeptical gamer. In order to stay relevant, these flash games have migrated from the desktop. Now users can enjoy their favorite time killers on iOS and Android. With so many flash games to choose from, …