Online slot machines are just like traditional fruit machines featuring three or more reels when a button is hit. In early time, real-world slot machines traditionally had a lever on the side of the machine, which has now been replaced by a button. This lever on the slot machines got a popular name for these casino games, ‘one-armed bandit’. Although modern technology has offered online slot machines a variety of multiple themes and variants, they all, eventually, share some similar …

Grand RIver Raceway Ontario


Grand River Raceway in Ellora Ontario- Enjoy Slots, Horse Racing, Bingo and More

Grand River Raceway Ontario offers over 250 slots to play, live horse betting, Bingo and other fun activities all the year round.


How To Play Slots For Real Money

Online slots are one of the most popular and widely played casino games especially for Canadians, and considering this there are many online gambling sites offering slots machines in 2018. Almost every online slots casino offers a slightly different assortment of games. Major Features Of Online Video Slots Games The great thing about the real money gaming online in 2018 is when a developer really embraces the digital platform. And video slots offer the best platform for developers to display …

Slots and Glamour


Starlight Casino Edmonton had a grand opening after a mind-blowing CA$57-million renovation

Starlight Casino Edmonton reopened after renovation; play over 750 slot machines, table games and poker; Grab awesome bonus offers, enjoy entertianment, night parties; visit their bars and food huts to enjoy and relax.


How to Safely Gamble on Online Casinos

Gambling at an online casino is a big industry and a huge market in Canada. It is an industry worth over $13 billion, it is staked by over 75% of Canadians that have been reported to have done in the past year. For most people, gambling at online casinos is harmless and is done just for entertainment, try luck and excitement. But it has the potential to become an addiction if not prudently done, with disastrous consequences. Addiction of any …

Festival Bingo


Nation 2 Nation Network Launches Awesome Bingo and Slots for Canadians as Victory Gamez

In a news from Indigenous gaming software technologies Canada’s only first Nation-owned online gaming network platform has just launched its first of several white label brands called the VictoryGamez.com Victory Gamez, Hello Bingo! and MonkeyDog Bingo are part of the Nation 2 Nation Network (N2N), a new online entertainment platform licenced by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission with servers located within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. N2N is supported by Indigenous Gaming Technologies, a company based out of Six Nations Ontario with over 60 …


How to Spot Fake Online Casinos

Fake casinos are also known as ‘rogue casinos’ which are immensely disappointing and dangerous element within the industry of online casinos. Although we would all like to hope that every online casino we visit would be 100% legit and safe, the fact is it is not always possible. Although the majority of online casinos out there are totally safe and secure, and you should not experience any problems with them whatsoever, there are a select few that are controversial and have been …


Casino Etiquettes in Canada

With the growing casino popularity, more people flock to casinos, more are learning how to play. It is always better to know the etiquettes that you must observe when you go into any Canadian casino. Casino etiquette is the unspoken guidelines that make everyone’s poker experience better. Just memorize the etiquette and you’ll fit right in. Although these unspoken rules may vary from casino to casino, you need an overall idea on how you should conduct yourself. Here goes the list! …

Woodbine Casino now offers live table games


Toronto’s first live table games launched at Woodbine Casino

Enjoy live dealer games and table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Fortune Wheel and over 3000 slot machines at Woodbine Casino Toronto Canada


Types of VIP Programs in Online Casino

Online gambling is a matter of mastery and dedication and often a right combination of all these skills can offer you many benefits. Most online casino programs offer a bonus, and perks for VIPs, loyalty, and high rollers etc. to increase that status. Let’s find out about the best rewards programs that any online casinos might offer for VIP players in this piece of information. Every online casino has its own rule and they offer several different types of VIP …