How to Gamble in Canada? Things to Know

Gambling in Canada - Things to Know

How to Gamble in Canada? Things to Know

Canada’s history of gambling is as long as its cold winters. The Canadian gambling market is worth around $44 billion (Canadian dollars). How to Gamble in Canada? Here are the things that you should know! Here is a brief history of Canada and its gambling love.

History of Gambling in Canada

History of Gambling in Canada
History of Gambling in Canada

The first Western residents in Canada found the native people played a game of chance that involved betting on sticks. Because of this, the game was named “slahal,” which translates to “stick game” in English.

John Cabot discovered the region in 1497 on an exploration mission for Henry VII when he found the natives playing slahal.

The Canadian provinces enjoy gambling in almost all forms once Western immigrants settled in Canada. Due to this, gambling would become a popular form of entertainment across the region.

Card games were popular among the tradesmen and explorers. This is especially true when you find yourself cooped up in a cabin with 6 meters of snow on the ground.

In 1892, the Canadian Parliament banned all types of gambling, shutting down all legal gambling that the country enjoyed since the first settlers stepped foot in the region in 1497.

But in 1900, the Canadian government scaled back on the stringent gambling laws to allow citizens to participate in bingo games and raffles that benefited a charitable cause.

Gambling in Canada in the 1900s

Gambling in Canada in the 1900s
Gambling in Canada in the 1900s

Horse racing was introduced in 1925. It was included in the list of legal gambling activities permitted by the Canadian government. It was a big win for Canada’s gambling industry; as this was the first form of gambling that was legalized that didn’t have to benefit a charity.

Raffles, charitable gambling, and horse racing continued to be the only legal and socially acceptable form of gambling in Canada until the late 1960s.

In 1974, the Canadian Organizing Committee for the Olympics (1976) was allowed to conduct a nationwide lottery to raise money for the Montreal bid to host the 1976 Olympics. This was the first-ever national lottery held in Canada.

The Olympic Lottery was an encouraging success. It raised over $230 million in profits. The lottery was also considered successful in that Montreal. It won the bid and was host to the 1976 Summer Olympiad.

With the success of the first national lottery; the Canadian gambling code was redefined in 1985. This allowed more national lotteries to take place on the same level of participation

Canadians continued to enjoy charitable gambling, horse racing, and lotteries until 1989, when the first land-based casino opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

This would welcome the explosion of government and privately managed traditional casinos across Canada. The increase of land-based casinos is now part of the Canadian landscape.

In 1996, the Canadian government legalized online casinos. This would make Canada a forerunner in the now-famous online casino industry. Thought this title would not last long. Canada outlawed online casinos from performing within its borders in 2004.

Land-Based Casinos in Canada

Land-Based Casinos in Canada
Land-Based Casinos in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer in a land-based casino setting. It has 100 casinos across the country. The largest casino is in Montreal, and it’s the Casino de Montreal.

This casino’s gaming floor is massive, clocking in at 526,000 square feet. In comparison, this is comprehensive considering the world’s biggest casino (WinStar in Thackerville, Ok, USA) is around 600,000 square feet.

Just like America, many territories have legalized sports betting.

Unlike the US, the legal gambling age in Canada varies by providence. The legal gambling age ranges from 18-19 years old with a valid ID.

Canadian land-based casino offers the same games and slots you enjoy here in the states. The most popular games (in order of popularity) are:

  • Slot Machines
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette (American and French)
  • Bingo

Canada has 100 licensed land-based casinos, hence it is a great place for casino lovers to visit next time you’re visiting our northern neighbor.

Here’s a list of the top 3 casinos in Canada:

1- Casino de Montreal

Casino de Montreal
Casino de Montreal

Floor Size: 526,000 square feet

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Gaming Tables: 115

Slots: 3,200

Biggest Jackpot: 1.8 billion on a progressive slot machine


2- Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor
Caesars Windsor

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Floor Size: 100,000 square feet

Gaming Tables: 88

Slots: 2,261

Biggest Jackpot: 4.5 million on a slot machine


3- River Rock Casino and Resort

River Rock Casino and Resort
River Rock Casino and Resort

Location: Richmond, British Columbia

Floor Size: 70,000 square feet

Gaming Tables: 114

Slots: Est. 1,200

Biggest Jackpot: 4.5 million on a slot machine


Online Gambling in Canada

Online Gambling in Canada
Online Gambling in Canada

Playing casinos in Canada is legal or not?

That’s the most asked question. It is illegal to operate an online casino based out of Canada.

But it is not unlawful to play an online casino in Canada. That’s the most straightforward answer to this question.

So, no online casinos doing business in Canada, and Canadians can play offshore (other countries) online casinos.

Laws surrounding online casinos all around the world are always a little murky.

Canadians can play offshore online casinos

Canadians can play offshore online casinos
Canadians can play offshore online casinos

People in Canada, like most of the world, are flocking towards online gambling. Online casinos offer ease, a convenience that land-based casinos can’t compete with.

Playing online casinos, from their home computers or smartphones is the best experience for most of the players.


By now, you would have a better grasp of the gambling laws, trends, and landscape in Canada. They love gambling, that is for sure.


1. What things make an online casino good?

There are many things you need to keep in mind when you choose an online casino to play. You should choose a casino that runs on dependable software; that is licensed and audited by independent bodies.

You should play at a casino that offers a good choice of secure and convenient payment methods. A good online casino offers a full range of first-class to play and enjoy. It features lots of promotions including welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, tournaments, and more.

2. What chances of winning do I have when gambling online?

Your chances of winning depend on the games you play and the strategies you use. Slot machines have many percentage payouts. Thus, slots with progressive jackpots have leaner chances to be hit than other slots. Hence, your chances of winning vary based on how and how much you wager.

Table games like baccarat and blackjack usually offer higher payout percentages. When it comes to strategies, there are lots of them. When playing roulette, you’d better make even money bets such as red or black, high or low, etc. This will have you higher chances to win.

3. How long does it take for my deposit to reflect on my online casino account?

Online casinos want to have your money to get you started. So as a rule you will see money on your account instantly, especially if you deposit with more traditional methods, like credit cards. However, you can visit the banking page of your casino for more information to find out how long it takes to fund your account.

4. What is better – Instant Play or Download Casino?

It is entirely your choice. But downloadable casinos help you play more games and options, and the games have more advanced graphics. Although, the instant play casino is great because you can start playing immediately. When opting for a download casino version, make just make sure that your operating system is compatible with the casino you want to play at.

5. Can I play casino games on my mobile device?

You can find the best Canadian casinos that have mobile casino versions. Mobile casinos are now growing in popularity, and they are becoming better as well. You can make deposits easily directly from your smartphones or tablets and can play a good number of state-of-the-art games and features that are available on your computer. Just you have to check for a mobile version of the casino.

6. Can I play games for free?

Yes. All online casinos offer free play mode so that you can try the casino games and get a feel of the casino atmosphere without risking your money. Just choose the free play mode when you log into the casino.

7. How can I know the Payout Percentage for a game?

Often some casinos publish the payout percentage of their games on their sites. Some others email its players about the most popular games. You may also find it online. Some games have their own websites where they publish payout percentages.

8. How to find the safest casino?

All the casinos listed on our site are safe. There are many regulating bodies that keep a watch over the gambling industry, making sure proper procedures are being followed by Canadian online casinos and protect the interests of online players.

9. What bonuses do Canadian casinos offer?

Any Canadian Casino offers many different bonuses. The most common bonus is the welcome bonus. Casinos also feature weekly and monthly bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, free spins, tournament bonuses, special VIP bonuses, and rewards.

10. What is the Welcome Bonus?

All online casinos offer new players a welcome bonus to encourage them to sign up with the casino. These bonus benefits vary from site to site. It could be a deposit or no-deposit bonus. Some casinos offer free spins to play on their selective slots. The welcome bonuses differ in size based on how much a player deposits. Do not forget to carefully read the casino terms and conditions applied to those welcome bonuses. You have to fulfill the wagering requirements before withdrawing that bonus.

11. What are wagering requirements?

These are the set of requirements that a casino wants a player to do before trying to withdraw his winnings. For instance, if a casino sets wagering requirements at 25x, it means you have to wager 25 times the casino bonus in order to withdraw that money.

12. How can I withdraw my winnings?

Every casino has different rules to withdraw winnings. Generally, casinos allow withdrawing through several methods including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc. Often, casinos will pay you back through the same method by which you deposited. Better to consult the casino banking page at your casino for specifics.

13. How long does it take to make a withdrawal?

This again depends on the casino and your withdrawal method. Some casinos may promise withdrawal only a day or two to process your withdrawal, but sometimes the withdrawal will take more time, like, bank transfers can come to your account in a week or longer. Most casinos will point withdrawal times somewhere in their terms and conditions.

14. Do online casinos ever close?

Never! One of the benefits of playing at an online casino is that they are open around-the-clock, and most of them offer 24/7 customer support. Irrespective of day or time, you can enter your favorite casino from the comfort of your own home and enjoy your favorite games there.

15. How can I learn to play a game?

You can find basic rules for any game at casino sites by just searching on the Internet. The best way to learn the ropes is to practice. Besides, we also offer some of the best strategies on our site, including tips for slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker. You can also find free versions of games on your favorite casino to learn the terms and conditions, try the gameplay and different strategies before wagering your money.

16. Can Canadian players gamble at non-Canadian online casinos?

Most of the online casinos available in Canada are based in other countries, which means you can play at Non-Canadian Online Casinos. There are some offshore online casinos that are not open for business in Canada.