Fruit Fiesta

Reels: 3 or 5
Winning Lines: 3 or 15
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.25 or 0.05
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 0.75
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: No
Bonus Features: No
Progressive: Yes
Software: Microgaming

Fruit Fiesta is one of the most well-known progressive video slots in the entire world of online casinos, as this Microgaming mainstay has long been known as a simple, fun, user-friendly slot that promises chances at nice progressive jackpots.

You can play this great video slot in Microgaming casinos such as Platinum Play Casino, Vegas Palms Casino, 7 Sultans Casino, and many others, as well.

Fruit Fiesta Basic Information

Fruit Fiesta is a video slot that feels like the type of classic slot game that you would play in a real-life casino. Part of that is the old school feel of the game, as it has just three reels. It also has the classic symbols, such as the 1, 2, and 3 bar combinations, lucky 7s, and so on. The game is also available in a 5-reel, 15-payline version that also has access to the progressive jackpot.

Of course, as it is a video slot, this game has plenty of features to make the game more enjoyable for its diverse player base. For instance, you can play regular mode or switch to expert mode, which will allow you to use AutoPlay to not have to manually spin each time you want to play. You can also enjoy the authentic sound effects or turn them off, as well. The clean, intuitive layout is both pleasing to the eye and leaves no guesswork to the player when they want to operate the slot game.

Fruit Fiesta Coin Values and Jackpots

As with many progressive jackpot video slots, Fruit Fiesta does not have a range of coin values to choose from. Instead, you are locked into a coin value of 25 cents, with only one coin being able to be wagered per payline you play. You can play one, two, or all three of the game’s paylines, however.

In the 5-reel version, the coin value is fixed at 5 cents, with one coin per each of the 15 paylines still being the maximum bet. However, since there are so many paylines, you still end up wagering 75 cents per spin when playing all of the paylines.

Obviously, the progressive jackpot is the star of the show here. The Fruit Fiesta progressive jackpot is won at an average amount of $24,099, even though it seeds at just $800. The smallest recorded win is still a respectable $3,323, and the highest win on record is a very nice $94,845. The jackpot is won about every two weeks.

Fruit Fiesta Jackpot Rules

Whether you are playing the 3-reel or 5-reel version, the method of winning the jackpot is the same, as are the requirements. On both slots, you must play all of the paylines in order to be eligible, since the jackpot is won by having three Fruit Fiesta symbols on the third payline in the 3-reel version and five Fruit Fiesta symbols on the fifteenth payline in the 5-reel version. This means that either way, you’ll have to wager 75 cents CAD to be eligible.

Fruit Fiesta Special Symbols

The only special symbol in Fruit Fiesta is the Fruit Fiesta logo, which is also the game’s wild symbol. Not only is it the key to winning the progressive jackpot, but it also substitutes for other symbols to make winning combinations, too.

Fruit Fiesta Final Thoughts

Fruit Fiesta is a great classic slot game experience. You have to love the fact that you have a shot at a nice progressive jackpot for just 75 cents per spin, and it’s also nice that players can choose between a 3-reel or 5-reel version of the game, depending on their preferences. This game comes highly recommended.

Gold Rally

Reels: 3
Winning Lines: 8
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 2.00
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 16.00
Wild Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol: Yes 
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: Yes
Software: Playtech

Gold Rally takes you on a gold mining adventure with three rather hapless looking miners who, like you, are hoping to strike it rich. This Playtech game features a colorful and humorous theme to compliment solid and unexpected play mechanics. You can play this game at Playetch casinos such as Cherry Casino, Casino Tropez, Casino Bellini, and more.

Gold Rally Basic Information

The theme of the game is clear from the outset, with a large part of the right side of the screen devoted to our bumbling heroes, the three gold miners. Since this is just a 3 reel game, there is plenty of room to see what you’re doing, and the extra space allows you to keep up with the miners’ adventures as the game continues.

Symbols such as revolvers, dynamite, mine carts and pickaxes both stay true to the gold mining theme and hint at the misadventures that await. Sound effects and background music also contribute immensely to the theme, which is very enjoyable and different from the norm. Also different from the norm is that this 3 reel slot has 8 paylines, which include vertical and diagonal paylines along with the classic horizontal ones.

Gold Rally Coin Values and Jackpots

The coin value is fixed at a rather high $2 in Gold Rally, so to play all 8 paylines, you will have to pony up $16 per spin. There is only one coin allowed to be played per line, of course.

Gold Rally not only features a progressive jackpot that can be won, but also some other nice prizes topping out at 500 coins ($1,000 CAD), too. That’s a pretty nice standard jackpot.

Gold Rally Jackpot Rules

To win the 500 coin standard jackpot, you have to get three of the Gold Rally logos across an active payline. In addition, you can win a quick 200 coins with three horseshoe symbols, and scatter payouts can reach 200 coins as a standard amount, too.

Gold Rally Progressive Jackpots

Of course, the grandaddy of them all is the progressive jackpot, which you will need plenty of scatter symbols to reach. The scales (presumably to weigh your earnings) are the symbol to watch for, and you need to fill all nine spots with them in order to win the progressive amount.

Doing so has netted lucky winners an average of $888,000 so far, with the highest win on record being an impressive $1.6 million! Even the lowest win has been a respectable $117,000, which is still an amount that can certainly make your day.

Gold Rally Special Symbols

While this game lacks a wild symbol, it has both a scatter and bonus symbol. As mentioned earlier, the scatter symbol is that of the scale, and is not only the key to the progressive jackpot, but can also win you 200 coins (for getting 8 of them), 50 coins (for 7), and so on.

The bonus symbol is the dynamite, which will blast you through to the bonus game if you can collect one of the symbol on each of the four corners of the reels. This is a clever way to trigger a bonus game that is appropriate for such an original game.

In the bonus game, you get to blow a bunch of things up while revealing prizes until you reveal the “You Win” message, which ironically ends your time in the bonus round. The bonus round can help you accumulate even more winnings in a hurry.

Gold Rally Final Thoughts

If you want a video slot game with a progressive jackpot, a fresh take on play mechanics, and a great sense of humor, Gold Rally would be perfect for you. This game is well worth your time and could make you a lot of money in a very short number of spins.

Diamond Valley

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 5
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 1.00
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 5.00
Wild Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol: Yes 
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: Yes
Software: Playtech

Diamond Valley is an interesting video slot game that is similar in style to Death Valley, but with more diamonds and less dehydration. Right off the bat, you can see that this Playtech-designed video slot is a very original idea that is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. You can play Diamond Valley at Playtech casinos such as Casino King, Prestige Casino, Vegas Red Casino, and others.

Diamond Valley Basic Information

Everything from the game screen itself to the symbols used contribute to the creative approach of Diamond Valley. The game is framed by cracked, dry ground at the bottom and blue skies at the top with a mischievous vulture overlooking the scene. The paylines are indicated with colorful jewels with the number of the payline scrawled on them. The symbols mainly incorporate diamonds, with various jewels joining more macabre-feeling symbols like a gold tooth from a skeleton’s mouth, a snake surrounding a treasure box, and more.

Diamond Valley Coin Values and Jackpots

The coin value is fixed at $1 in Diamond Valley, and you can only bet one coin per line, as is customary in progressive jackpot slot games. However, with five lines to play, your bet can range from $1 to $5, if you choose not to play the full amount.

Aside from the progressive jackpot, some nice base jackpots can be won here, as well. The highest non-progressive pot payouts are 5,000 and 2,500 coins, which is not bad considering the coin value is $1.

Diamond Valley Jackpot Rules

Winning 5,000 coins is as easy as collecting five blue diamond formation symbols on any active payline aside from the fifth (more on that in a minute). To win 2,500 coins, you need to collect five dollar symbols on any of the five paylines, as long as you have activated them.

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpots

The reason I left the fifth payline out of the discussion for the 5,000 coin prize is that getting five of the blue diamond formation symbols on the fifth payline gives you a much better prize: the progressive jackpot. Now, in order to have all five paylines activated (and thus, be eligible for the progressive jackpot), you have to bet the maximum of $5 per spin.

This jackpot seeds at just $5,000, but has averaged nearly $70,000 for each win since late 2009. Furthermore, the highest win has been $282,000, which is quite a haul by anyone’s standards (all values are in CAD).

Diamond Valley Special Symbols

This game is not just unique because of its theme or its strictly-horizontal paylines, but because it lacks a wild symbol completely! Despite that, it does have both a scatter and a bonus symbol.

The scatter symbol is a large pink ruby and adds 5x, 20x, or 200x multipliers to your winnings when you collect 3, 4, or 5 of them, respectively.

The bonus symbol is a hand holding a large diamond, and obtaining three of them in a row on an active payline (starting from the first reel) activates Diamond Valley’s bonus round.

Diamond Valley Bonus Game

The bonus game, like just about everything concerning Diamond Valley, is quite unique. In it, you are shown cartoonish renditions of a sturdy old Native American chief, a husky cowboy, or a busty lady to “rescue”. When you rescue one of the characters, you are awarded a number of free spins, then they hold out their hands and you choose one to reveal the prize they are holding as a reward. The reward will be a multiplier that will be added during your free spins. Also, free spins can be retriggered, with the same multiplier in effect throughout.

Diamond Valley Final Thoughts

Diamond Valley is really a unique game, even in the often-crowded world of video slot games. Canadian players will surely enjoy getting away from their usual locales and entering the desert for a chance at adventure and large prizes.

Beach Life

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 20
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.50
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 4.50
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes 
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: Yes
Software: Playtech

Beach Life washes your cares away on a picturesque beach filled with vibrant colors, surfers riding the waves, and of course, a beach babe or two to complete the scene. This Playtech slot also features one of the biggest progressive jackpots around, and can be played at Playtech casinos such as BetFred Casino, Casino Tropez, William Hill Casino, and others.

Beach Life Basic Information

Beach Life uses symbols and sound effects to replicate a trip to the beach. Some of the symbols you will see in this 5 reel, 20 payline slot will include sand castles, snorkelers, surfers, popsicles, and of course, a bikini-clad girl. Furthermore, sound effects are used throughout the game, while many symbols animate (i.e. the surfer rides the waves, etc.) when a win occurs.

Beach Life Coin Values and Jackpots

As you would likely expect for a progressive game, the coin value is fixed at 25 cents in Beach Life. Since you can only bet one coin per line and there are 20 lines, your bet can range from 25 cents per spin to play just one line to $5 per spin to play all 20 of them.

Besides the progressive jackpot, you can win up to 100,000 coins on a regular prize in this game, which is a pretty high secondary jackpot for a progressive slot. Other top prizes include 2,000 coins, while the bonus game and scatter multipliers can add to your winnings, as well.

Beach Life Jackpot Rules

To win the 100,000 coin base jackpot, you simply need to collect five of the wild symbols (a smiling sun with sunglasses on to protect his eyes from…well, his own rays, I guess) on any payline except the 20th payline. Don’t worry, if you get them on the 20th payline you will win much more, but we’ll get to that later.

Beach Life Progressive Jackpots

In Beach Life, as with many progressive video slot games Canadian players frequent, you will have to play every payline to have a chance at the progressive jackpot, because it can only be won on the 20th and final payline. You have to collect five of the sun symbols on the 20th payline to win the progressive jackpot.

This jackpot is often one of the highest you’ll find, and was just won for a record amount of $8.2 million recently. The average win is over $3 million and even the lowest win ever was a very nice $504,000.

Beach Life Special Symbols

Our smiling sun friend is the wild symbol and can substitute for any symbols besides the scatter or bonus symbol to complete a winning combination, though it does not multiply winnings when it does so.

The rather shiny looking sandcastles represent the scatter symbol, which multiplies your total bet by 2x (for 2 symbols), 5x (for 3), 50x (for 4), or 500x (for 5) when they appear on any reel. These winnings are added to normal payline wins.

Finally, the bonus symbol is a treasure chest, and obtaining 3+ chests on any active payline kicks off the bonus round.

Beach Life Bonus Game

The bonus game changes the music and sound effects while you select from 14 closed treasure chests to reveal your bonus winnings. Your three choices are multiplied by your line bet for that round to add even more to your winnings.

Beach Life Final Thoughts

Life on the beach is all about fun and sun, and the video slot game Beach Life stays true to that ideal, while offering a very attractive progressive jackpot to aim for, as well. Check it out at your next opportunity and give yourself a chance to become a millionaire!

Treasure Nile

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 9
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.50
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 4.50
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes 
Bonus Features: No
Progressive: Yes
Software: Microgaming

Treasure Nile transports players from Canada and elsewhere around the world to ancient Egypt for an experience like no other. This Microgaming slot also has a hefty progressive jackpot to shoot for. You can play this video slot game at Microgaming casinos such as 777 Dragon Casino, All Jackpots Casino,Royal Vegas Casino, and others.

Treasure Nile Basic Information

Treasure Nile features music and symbols that really contribute to the theme, as well as sound effects and other aspects that pull you into the game and make you feel like an ancient Egyptian yourself (or, if you prefer, a modern archaeologist exploring Egyptian ruins for treasure!). The symbols used in this 5 reel, 9 payline game include the sun setting over the pyramids, the scarab, anubis, ancient ships, a cobra, and much more.

Treasure Nile Coin Values and Jackpots

As with most progressive jackpot slot games, the coin value is fixed in Treasure Nile. The amount is set at 50 cents, and you cannot bet more than one coin per line. With 9 paylines, you can bet from 50 cents up to $4.50, along with all of the 50 cent increments in between.

Along with the progressive jackpot, which we will discuss at length later, you can win thousands of coins with the base game’s top prizes of 6,000, 3,000, and 1,500 coins.

Treasure Nile Jackpot Rules

To win the base jackpots, you simply have to get five of the appropriate symbol across an active payline. The key to the 6,000 coin jackpot is the King Tut symbol, while you can win 3,000 or 1,500 coins by collecting five of the Great Sphinx or anubis symbols across an active payline, respectively.

Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpots

While you can certainly choose not to play all nine paylines, this is a mistake if you want to have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot. That’s because in order to win the tasty jackpot, you have to get five King Tut symbols across the ninth payline, which is only activated if you play every payline. Veteran players of progressive slots from Canada or elsewhere will recognize that requiring every payline to be played is common among such games.

Treasure Nile’s progressive jackpot is won very often, at every two weeks on average. It seeds at $40,000, but even with the consistent wins the average win is over twice that amount at $90,193 (all figures given in CAD). The highest win recorded was for $307,338, which is truly a life-changing amount.

Treasure Nile Special Symbols

The wild symbol is the picturesque illustration of the sun setting over the pyramids. These symbols will help you to complete any winning combination, with two exceptions: they cannot substitute for the scatter symbol, and they cannot be used to substitute for a progressive jackpot win. Unfortunately, wild substitutions do not multiply your winnings, but that is likely why the base jackpots are as high as they are, too.

Meanwhile, the scarab is the scatter symbol and while there are no free spins to be won in Treasure Nile, collecting three or more of them does add to your winnings. The amount added is either 5x (for 3 scatter symbols), 10x (for 4 scatter symbols), or 50x (for 5 scatter symbols) of your total number of credits wagered that spin.

Treasure Nile Final Thoughts

Treasure Nile is an adventurous take on the well-worn Egyptian theme seen in modern video slots. The added allure of a nice progressive jackpot makes his smooth-playing game even more of a pleasure to experience. Check it out at your favorite Microgaming casino soon.

Major Millions

Reels: 3/5
Winning Lines: 3/15
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.20/1.00
Max Coins Per Line: 1
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 3.00
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes 
Bonus Features: No
Progressive: Yes
Software: Microgaming

Major Millions is a great progressive jackpot video slot game from our friends at Microgaming. This game combines a clever military theme (with Major Millions as the main character, of course) with the allure of huge winnings via the game’s progressive jackpot. This video slot is available in both a 3 reel, 3 payline version and a 5 reel, 15 payline version.

Major Millions Basic Information

You have likely heard about the attractive Major Millions progressive jackpot, which we will discuss at length later in our review. For now, let’s focus on the slot game itself and what sets it apart. The diverting theme comes with appropriate music and military characters/objects drawn in Microgaming’s signature cartoonish style for symbols. Symbols you will see include top secret intel, binoculars, a battleship, a tank, medals of honor, and the Major himself. In the 3 reel version, these symbols are replaced with the classic bars, sevens, and cherries.

Major Millions Coin Values and Jackpots

Coin values in both versions of Major Millions are fixed. In the 3 reel version, the coin value is fixed at $1, while the coin value is fixed at 20 cents in the 5 reel version. You can also only bet one coin per line in each version of the game, so the maximum bet is $3 for both of them.

In the 3 reel game, the main jackpot is the progressive jackpot. The next two jackpots are 50,000 and 20,000 coins, respectively. In the 5 reel game, there is the progressive jackpot to shoot for, as well as a nice 8,000 coin regular jackpot and other top winnings reaching 1,000 coins.

Major Millions Jackpot Rules

The rules for winning the regular base jackpots vary per game. In the 3 reel game, you need to get three of the Major Millions symbol across an active payline. Doing so on the first payline wins you 25,000 coins, while doing so on the second payline wins you 50,000 coins.

In the 5 reel Major Millions slot game, to win 8,000 coins you need to also look for the Major Millions symbol, which you’ll need five of on an active payline. For the 1,000 coin prize, collect five symbols of the Major himself on an active payline.

Major Millions Progressive Jackpots

Canadian players from Manitoba to Saskatchewan will surely want to try their luck at winning the attractive Major Millions progressive jackpot. This jackpot is shared between both games, so you can win it no matter which version you prefer. Furthermore, you have to bet the maximum amount to qualify for the progressive pot, and since the max bet is $3 for each version of the game, you are on a level playing field no matter what.

The progressive jackpot seeds at $250,000, but the average win is about $690,000 (CAD values given). In fact, the highest win ever was a staggering $1.8 million! On average, the jackpot is won every four months.

To win the progressive jackpot in the 3 reel game, you need to get a row of three Major Millions symbols on the third payline. Obviously, you have to bet all three lines in order to qualify. In the 5 reel game, you will have to collect five Major Millions symbols on the fifteenth payline, again while betting all 15 paylines.

Major Millions Special Symbols

In both games, the Major Millions symbol is wild and multiplies your win. However, the amount by which it multiplies your win differs, as in the 3 reel game having one Major Millions symbol multiplies your winnings by 2x and having two symbols multiplies your winnings by 4x. In the 5 reel game, any number of Major Millions symbols in a winning combination triples your win.

The scatter symbol is only found in the 5 reel game, and is represented by the word “scatter” in gold capital letters with various jewels adorning it. There are no free spins in this game, but you will win a bonus on top of any payline wins when you collect three or more of them on any reels. The bonus is 3x your staked bet for three symbols, 10x for four symbols, and 50x for five scatter symbols.

Major Millions Final Thoughts

Major Millions is not so concerned with preparing you for combat is he is for preparing you for a life filled with riches. Follow his orders today by marching to your favorite Microgaming casino, and you could be a millionaire at a moment’s notice.


Cash Splash Video Slot

Cash Splash is great slot game to offer splash of treasure for you. The slot game from Mircogaming has two versions: one is a 3 reel and another is a 5 reel progressive jackpot game. Both the slot games are colourful and can be enjoyed a lot at online casinos as well as also have great wins.

Cash Splash 5 reel Slot

Cash Splash 5 reel Slot is progressive jackpot game from Microgaming where you have 5 reels and 15 paylines to win. The game interface is simple to understand and to spin the slot reels automatically, you can access Auto Play via the Expert mode button on the game screen.

Symbols in Cash Splash 5 reel slot

The Cash Splash logo is combined with classic slots icons as well as high card symbols here in this version. The symbols are brightly colored and offer crisp graphics. The Cash Splash game logo and the scatter circle are the two key symbols in this game. The game logo shows abundantly cascading coins and bills, to illustrate the “lots of cash” theme. There is also a bundle of dollar bills used as a symbol. The other symbols that appear in the game are the classic slots icons – bars, cherries, 7s and high card symbols.

How to play Cash Splash 5 reel slot

Just find any Microgaming powered online casino to play and win this game. There is just one coin denomination, 0.20, which makes for bets of 0.20 to a high of 3.00. So that means even a low stake player can enjoy and win this game. You need to register yourself at the casino and make a deposit to play and bet as well as to win this game.

The Progressive Jackpot

The symbols in the slot game  give some wonderful winning combinations. The Cash Splash game logo acts as the wild, which can appear in any position and substitute for any symbol except the scatter to produce winning combinations. Five Cash Splash logos on the fifteenth pay line will pay out big time, in the form of the fantastic progressive jackpot if you bet the maximum 15 coins.

Three, 4 or 5 appearances by the scatter symbol, a simple circle draped with a banner marked “scatter,” will pay out instantly, with a win of 4x, 50x or 250x your original wager respectively.

Cash Splash 3 reel Slot

This slot game was in fact the first one to be developed by Microgaming. Again this is a progressive jackpot slot game but with 3 reels and 3 paylines to spin and win. The symbols in this game are quite colourful and with high quality graphics to show. If you would like to spin the reels automatically, you can get to the Auto Play mode by clicking the Expert button at the bottom left of the screen. This is an option only when you are playing in real money mode.

Symbols in Cash Splash 3 reel slot

The Cash Splash logo of cascading coins and bills is combined with various traditional slots symbols such as 7s, bars and cherries. The game icon is designed in the theme of a shower of wealth, and it is the symbol that can bring excellent wins. Other symbols as mentioned cherries; single, double and triple bars and number 7s offer real splash of cash to you.

How to play Cash Splash 3 reel slot

Find a reputed online casino to play this game. Register yourself at the casino, sign up, open your real money account and there you go. There is only one coin denomination to wager in this game – 1.00, which means that in terms of cash bet size, the range starts at 1.00 and goes up to 3.00. This slot is very reasonably priced compared to other progressives and offer you a fantastic return on a small initial bet.

The Progressive Jackpot

When you spin the reel you need to have winning combinations of the symbols. The Cash Splash game icon is the wild symbol, and it can fill in for any of the other symbols in order to create a winning combination.  When a single game icon is involved in a winning pay line, it acts as a 2x multiplier. Two game icons quadruple any wins, and 3 of this symbol pays out the top prizes. If you have bet the max, 3 Cash Splash icons will win you the progressive jackpot.

Go for some Cash Splash now and have fun.


Tunzamunni progressive slot jackpot

Have some Tunzamunni by playing Tunzamunni slot game. Tunzamunni means lots of money and really this slot game offers you heaps of treasures. Developed by Microgaming gaming software developer this is a progressive Jackpot slot game to play and win at online casinos. With full of action this video slot is 3 reels and only 1 pay-line available to play in real-money mode. It has a minimum bet of one coin and a max bet of five coins. If you want a shot at the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to be playing with the maximum bet.

Symbols in Tunzamunni

You will love the classic symbols here in this slot with the red, white and blue 7s appear to be carved from precious gemstone and single, double and triple bars with rich gold color. So the symbols look like glowing diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the case of the 7s and solid gold in the case of the bars.

There are no wilds or scatters in this slots game, so it’s up to the constantly growing progressive jackpot to provide the excitement factor.

The 7s are the higher paying symbol, especially the combination of a white, a red and a blue 7 – in that specific order. When this combo shows up and you have bet the max 5 coins, you are rewarded with the progressive jackpot payout.

How to play Tunzamunni slot game

Just visit any reputed online casino that offers Microgaming slots to play. Go to their slots games stack and search for this slot game. Once you find just click on it, make a initial deposit at the casino as this slot is a real money game and there you go.

The game interface is very simple to understand. You can access the Auto Play automatic spin feature via the Expert mode button at the bottom left of your game screen to keep on playing.

You are faced with a single coin denomination, which is set at 0.05. The maximum number of coins is 5 so the bet range works out to 0.05 to 0.25.  So that shows even with a small stake you can win big here. It is because this fantastic progressive jackpot keeps on growing with every single spin made by players.

The pay-table appears on the main screen of the game, which is handy if you don’t want to keep having to click-off to a second screen.

The Payouts

When you spin the reel the most lucrative combination is a white 7, followed by a red 7, followed by a blue 7 (from left to right). It not only unlocks the progressive jackpot if you’re playing with the Max bet, but can pay anything from 2,500 to 10,000 if you’re wagering with a smaller amount. The second-highest paying combo is made up of three white 7’s, followed by three red 7’s, and three blue 7’s.

The Progressive Jackpot to win

If you’re betting with the max coin size of 5, the key to the big progressive jackpot is a white 7 on the first reel a red 7 on the second reel and a blue 7 on the third reel. Once it’s paid out, all the players across the world who are currently playing the game will be notified upon which it will reset to its starting size of 10,000 and start building it up again.

Now just move ahead to play this awesome simple slot with treasure to offer.

King Cashalot

King cashalot Slot Jackpot

Reels: 5
Winning Lines: 9
Coin Values CAD$/$/£/€: 0.05
Max Coins per Line: 5
Max Per Spin CAD$/$/£/€: 2.25
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Bonus Features: Yes
Progressive: Yes
Software: Microgaming

King Cashalot is a medieval-themed online video slot game that combines attractive graphics with great features and a progressive jackpot. Microgaming has created another great slot, which players from Canada and the rest of the world can play at casinos such as Jackpot City Casino, Golden Tiger Casino, and so on.

King Cashalot Basic Information

The King Cashalot slot machine transports you back to medieval times, where you can enjoy a luxurious feast along with the king, queen, princess and brave knight. The symbols include those four characters, seafood, broiled chicken, pudding, fruits, the court jester and the golden dragon.

King Cashalot Coin Values and Jackpots

The coin value in this video slot is fixed at 5 cents. Although you can’t alter the coin value, you can bet up to 5 coins per line in order to increase your overall bet. With 9 playable betting lines, your maximum bet would be $2.25. The minimum bet while playing each line would be 45 cents.

In addition to the progressive jackpot, there are regular jackpots in the game, too. The biggest of the three regular jackpots pays off 15,000 coins ($3,750), the medium regular jackpot is 1,500 coins ($375), and the lowest regular jackpot is 1,000 coins ($250).

King Cashalot Jackpot Rules

In order to win the three jackpots mentioned above, you must either get 5 kings on a line (for the highest regular jackpot), 4 kings on a line (for the medium regular jackpot) or 5 queens on a line (for the lowest regular jackpot).

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you must also get 5 kings on a payline; however, it must be on the ninth payline in particular.

King Cashalot Special Symbols

In King Cashalot slots, the king is not only the key to winning a nice jackpot, but it also represents the wild symbol. It can substitute for any regular symbol and doubles your win if it’s part of a winning combination.

The scatter symbol is the jester, or harlequin. Scatter wins pay independently on active lines according to your current bet. The bet is multiplied by the scatter award, so with a maximum bet of $2.25, you would win $112.50 with a maximum scatter value of 50 coins.

King Cashalot Bonus Game

To enter the King Cashalot bonus game, you have to get 3 golden dragons between reels 2, 3 and 4. This leads to 8 treasure chests, which you can reveal in any order. After you reveal a treasure chest, you can either keep the prize you found or pick a new chest. You have to be smart, though, because you can’t go back to a previous prize! If you select three chests, you will have to keep the third prize no matter what.

King Cashalot Final Thoughts

King Cashalot is a video slot game that has a lot going for it. You can play every line without betting a whole lot of money while still having a chance at a nice progressive jackpot. Also, the game has bonus features and symbols to keep the action fresh. If you find yourself at a Microgaming casino, give King Cashalot a spin.