Want to Marry Aboard on a Cruise?

Want to Marry Aboard on a Cruise?

Yes, this wish of yours can be fulfilled by The Royal Ocean Events that have been organizing wedding aboard cruises for more than 20 years now. Located to the south of Vancouver in Delta. Clients like Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, Carnival, Princess, and Norwegian where the newlyweds who got married and found it enjoying that time on such exotic locations.

The Royal Ocean Events staff takes care of all the preparations and decorations with the help of a wedding coordinator. The clients can customize their own day as they deem fit and the weddings can take place while the ship is docked or when it is at an elegant spot on the ocean as well.

Wedding Destination Cruise-The Royal Ocean Events 

It can be a really exhilarating task to choose a destination wedding and plan all that comes with it but here on the cruise, such things can be overlooked because it is easy to book and is way quite cheaper than the normal destination weddings.

The idea of a cruise wedding is quite simple and an elegant one. It is easier for the staff to provide you with a decent amount of food and beverages, as you are provided with a wedding coordinator. Apart from this, you would also get a photographer. All those amenities that make you feel on a normal wedding day are supplied easily so no need to fret for it.

It’s also quite an experience for the people who have never taken a cruise ride before and would be much obliged to be there with you. You can also invite the non-friends and acquaintance and get along with them as long as the ship disembarks on the journey. Half of your wedding guests would be able to enjoy the delicious service of the restaurants on the ship and the other half takes part in the wedding.

Book the Cruise 3 Months Ahead of Wedding

The weather dilemma is eliminated as well as there is a back-up venue is already placed on a cruise in the event of any kind of sudden downpour so that the water and the clouds don’t come in your way on this auspicious day.

Some points that need to be reminded to the wedding couple is they have to book the cruise much prior it they book the Royal Ocean Events as the company would require 60 days prior notice as to which ship to take abroad the waters. So please plan conscientiously.

Having a wedding on a cruise ship can free you up to spend more time concentrating on the other details than worrying about venues and caterers and such. If the hardest part about planning your wedding is trying to figure out which tables to place your guests at, you’re on the right track.


So, book your destination wedding on a cruise if you are looking to make this occasion a special and memorable all life.