5 Things You Must Do in Ottawa

5 Things You Must Do in Ottawa

Every year, visitors from across the globe reach Ottawa to enjoy the culture, food, museums and check out the landmarks and bask in the heart of Canadian national pride. Irrespective of the cause for visiting, the city of Ottawa has so many things to offer with something for everyone.

If you plan to visit Ottawa, here are 5 things to do in Ottawa!

  1. ByWard Market

This is the best tourist attraction by far. ByWard Market is been widely visited and recommended for good reason. It receives a footfall of about 50,000 visitors every weekend as it’s great entertainment, shopping, arts and dining destination for tourists. You can find here a range of activities starting from the local farmers’ and artisans’ market to high-end restaurants and a great nightlife. It is the hub for foodies and shoppers as there is everything that the ByWard Market can offer.

  1. World Class Museums

World Class Museums is home to seven of Canada’s nine national museums, which becomes a center of education for the tourists during their Ottawa vacation. It helps learn the history, art or technology of the city of Ottawa. You can also check out the National Gallery of Canada to get details of the comprehensive collection of Canadian art. Canadian Museum of History delivers a comprehensive education of Canadian culture. In addition, you can also explore the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum to understand the evolution of the aerospace segment or can also get minutest details of Canada’s military history at the Canadian War Museum. With a range of diverse cultural and educational experiences to offer, you can visit these museums to understand about Ottawa from close quarters.

  1. Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site that flows through the heart of downtown Ottawa. It is the pride of Ottawa you cannot miss to check out. In the summertime, you can enjoy a day on the canal by boat, or explore over 6 kilometers of the route by foot or bike. Between early January to early March, Ottawa turns into the largest skating ring of 7.8 kilometers. You can enjoy a free skate from downtown Ottawa to Carlton University all 24 hours.

  1. Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the home of the country’s federal government, which is an iconic structure and also a landmark of Canada. Located between and overlooking both the downtown city core and the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill is known to offer picturesque views at every angle. Parliament Hill host the country’s largest free party which features a jaw-dropping fireworks show on Canada’s Day (July 1st). You must also visit Parliament Hill’s front lawn to see and enjoy the Centennial Flame or a free guided tour of Canada’s most popular building.

  1. White Water Rafting

If you are a thrill seeker and love to take up an adventurous vacation in Ottawa, white water rafting is the place for you. You can visit Wilderness Tours Adventure Resort, ninety minutes from downtown Ottawa, to check out the Ottawa River. You can find a variety of packages available here to enjoy rafting activities for your entire family. You can spend at least a day here in this place, or can spend the night to extend your excursion. It is the best way to escape the city during your trip to Ottawa and make the best of it by having a white-water rafting expedition experience.


If you are planning your next trip to Ottawa, I would recommend not to miss out visiting these amazing places to complete your trip and make it memorable!