5 Amazing Canadian Film Festivals You Must Visit

5 Amazing Canadian Film Festivals You Must Visit

Although the Toronto International Film Festival is considered as one of the biggest and most prestigious movie events in the world, you would be surprised to know there are several of towns and places all over the Canada that have their own film festivals quite worth attending.

Here are some of the popular film festivals from east to west that you would like to be a part of and travel to visit:

1. Cinemania Montreal, Quebec (November 7-17, 2019)

Although there are plenty of French-language films that can be watched in Montreal, few English-speaking Montrealers visit to watch them. This is the reason Maidy Teitelbaum created Cinemania to offer them a great assortment of English-subtitled French movies. It attracted not only people from Quebec but from across la francophonie. This Cinemania screen many of the Montreal’s majestic Imperial Cinema also as an added bonus.


2. FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Sept. 12-19, 2019)

Not many Canadian films are made every year, hence you would watch very few from Atlantic Canada. To satiate your Canadian films appetite you could visit Halifax this summer to watch an amazing collection of feature films, shorts films, and documentaries created by creative and talented artists from Atlantic Canada.


3. Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Ontario (September 25-29)

If you visit and watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network or Teletoon at Night, you will start believing that cartoons are not just for kids. Both of these festivals offer a taste of some of the brilliant animated television shows that are meant for grown-ups. Since 1976, OIAF has been accepting animators from all over the world and screening animated shorts and features it has actually broadened the arena of this animation festival.


4. Hot Docs, Toronto, Ontario (April 25-May 5, 2019)

Hot Docs is yet another great film festival in Toronto. Unlike TIFF, this festival features incredible documentaries that develop strong emotions from audiences as they get to watch something real. Several of the festival winners get nominated for the documentary categories of the Academy Awards also.

5. Whistler Film Festival, Whistler, British Columbia (December 4-8, 2019)

Considered as Canada’s coolest film festival, it is a five-day event organized in the stunning mountain resort town of Whistler. Through this festival, most Canadian movie-makers come together every year to display their creative and latest creations and meet at the “Whistler Summit” to talk about the state of Canadian cinema. If you are a movie freak, it’s a great chance to enjoy some fantastic Canadian movies that are offbeat and have been a constant stream of Hollywood blockbusters.



These are some of the most popular and enjoyable film festivals that you must visit apart from Tiff if you live in Canada.