Top 5 Cities to Visit in Canada

Top 5 Cities to Visit in Canada

Canada is a multicultural country with diverse culture, trend, people and tradition. It is vast and the second largest country in the world. Yet it is very scantly populated. It has cities ranging from large, metro cities like Toronto to small places like Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory. There are some best cities in all respect in Canada that are worth visiting. These cities are the gateways to amazing wilderness areas with great recreational facilities, which includes some of the best ski resorts in the world.

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is widely known for its cultural diversity, which is located in British Columbia. This diverse cultural pot has transformed it into a culinary wonderland. Apart from this, the microbrewery industry of this city is also taking big leaps. It is also popular for its excellent aquarium and several beautiful parks, like Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. It is often called as city of “Manhattan with mountains.” While this description defines the city aptly, do not forget that Vancouver is also a seaport having eight public beaches on the ocean and one on a lake.

  1. Montreal

Montreal is located in Quebec which is a unique blend of new and old and the French with the English. Mostly dominated by French and English people, its picturesque Old Montreal district is known for cobblestone streets and some monuments dating back to the 17th century. Calling it one of the oldest urban cities in all of North America will not go wrong with this city. But it is much more than only the oldest city. It is also a city of skyscrapers, vibrant and lively nightlife and an Underground City, which has an array of hotels, office buildings, residential and commercial complexes that are all connected by underground tunnels, which makes it convenient to reach while in the bitter winters.

  1. Quebec City

Quebec City has its origin to 1608 and is the capital of Quebec territory. It is also very picturesque and welcoming. In its Old Quebec, which is a wonderful old town, you can enjoy the cobblestone street walking down the lane which has preserved 17th- and 18th-century buildings. It is the only walled city in northern Mexico. It also has the Citadelle of Quebec, which has a museum and an active fort, which is the largest British fortress ever built in North America.

  1. Winnipeg

This is the capital of Manitoba and the largest city in the province. It is a multicultural city where more than 100 different languages are spoken. Winnipeg also boasts of its flourishing art scene and often referred to as the “cultural cradle of Canada.” It hosts many festivals that include Folklorama being home to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Folklorama celebrates the diverse cultures for full two-weeks. Do not forget to visit Winnipeg which is a popular shopping and entertainment destination and district in the city.

  1. London

Don’t confuse it with the London of UK. This is the namesake of England which is located on the Thames River. To find the best features of this place, you must hop aboard a double-decker that will take you on a two-hour tour of the city’s popular sites, historical places, and museums. You must also check out the Fanshawe Pioneer village if you happen to visit London of Canada. It is an open-air museum that takes you on the tour of how life was like in the years 1820 and 1920, and also how it developed into the current London, which was founded in 1826.