5 Canadian Food Festivals you must Relish

5 Canadian Food Festivals you must Relish

When you have to try out new meals and beverages, its summer season that goes well with your palate. Canada has a plethora of food and drink festivals that are organized each year to satiate your thirst and hunger. If you’re traveling around this country this summer, here are the yummiest festivals you cannot miss out visiting and enjoying.

1. Fall Flavours — Prince Edward Island

PEI is mostly popular for its food and this festival showcases the real fervor. This festival is called Fall Flavours. It is inaugurated on August 30, it takes place in the summer. In this festival you can visit a number of premier and intimate events across the island, relishing culinary experiences for every taste and every budget. You can dig your own potatoes, and eat at the island’s top restaurants and have much more fun!

2. Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival — Midland, Ontario

At the festival of Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival, you can enjoy some sweet fun and have as many butter tarts as you can. You can select from over 150,000 butter tarts for sale, which has something or the other for every budget and palate type. You can see and meet celebrities, chefs, and food and travel bloggers as the year’s Best Butter Tart are awarded and can have great fun and free family-friendly attractions and activities.

3. Yukon Culinary Festival — Whitehorse, Yukon

You must visit Canada’s largest northern city and get involved in what the Yukon territory has in store for you to offer. You can learn about the local food practices in this four-day festival, and check out cooking demos, farmers’ market and much more. Don’t miss to check out the “Feasting and Foraging” signature event, where you relish refreshments outdoors while chefs cook before you offering a feast of local farmed, foraged and fished foods!

4. Silk Road Festival — Vancouver, B.C.

At the Silk Road Festival, Vancouver you can satiate your taste buds with a fusion of Eastern and Western culinary cultures. This is a two-day celebration that takes you through a multicultural trip where you can have delicious food and drink from around the world.

5. Taste of Edmonton — Edmonton, Alberta

Taste of Edmonton festival is known for providing the best of what Edmonton has to offer into an 11-day culinary celebration with the city’s best food and beverages available at its new location, the Federal Building Plaza. Visit this place for the foods, check out the food walking tours, and don’t miss out the free live entertainment at 6:30 pm each evening!


Dine in style and with loads of delicious delicacies across Canada this summer by hitting one of these great festivals!