Bizarre Attractions

Explore Canada’s Most Bizarre Attractions

Despite having a tame reputation, Canada is filled with delightfully odd places. It may be one of the cleanest countries in the world, but it has its fair share of bizarre attractions. Everyone has heard of the Niagara falls, but there are plenty of Canadian natural wonders that defy all odds. From mysterious lakes to native carvings, these attractions steal the show. These natural anomalies have baffled visitors for centuries with their outlandish characteristics. What makes them stand out is that their exotic features were naturally induced.

On top of showcasing mother nature’s sense of humor, these marvels are great places to visit. This makes them the perfect excuse to explore Canada’s hidden secrets. With so many other attractions, these sites easily fly under the radar. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most bizarre places to visit in Canada. Prepare to be surprised by these charming destinations!

3 Bizarre Attractions to Visit in Canada

Bizarre Attractions

This brightly colored lake holds a lot of secrets.

Bizarre Attraction #3: Spotted Lake – It’s not often that a lake looks like it has chicken pox, but this one does. Located in Osoyoos, British Columbia, this lake sports some unforgettable characteristics. The water is filled with minerals that create different colored spots. They range from bright blue to a yellowish green. Elevated levels of magnesium, sodium, & calcium cause brightly colored pools to form. These are highlighted when the magnesium sulfate hardens, which creates a walking path around the spots.

The First Nations of the Okanagan Valley revere the spotted lake as sacred ground. It’s believed that the water contains healing properties that can alleviate both physical & spiritual ailments. As the water starts to evaporate during the summer, the colors get more intense. This 15.2-hectare lake is protected by a fence, but you can still get a great view from the highway.

Bizarre Attractions

These trees are freaks of nature!

Bizarre Attraction #2: Crooked Bush – In a place full of unusually high UFO sightings, any abnormality stands out. This is especially true for the mutated aspen trees near Hafford in Northwest Sasktatoon. For some bizarre reason, the Aspen trees vary wild on the different sides of the road. On one side, the Aspen trees are completely normal. On the other, all the Aspen trees are bent completely out of shape. They feature such extreme contortions that they can cause visitors to get dizzy.

Scientists attribute this deformation to a genetic mutation. While the cause has been discovered, the reason for this evolution remains a mystery. The site is dangerously close to Alticane, which is notorious for UFO sightings. This has helped give birth to a slew of rumors about the manipulating factors behind these trees. Whether it was alien intervention or a meteorite that cause this, it’s still an interesting place to visit!

Bizarre Attractions

This artwork blends into the natural beauty.

Bizarre Attraction #1: The Grand Gathering – Even though it’s a manmade work of art, this display works perfectly with the surrounding wilderness. Canadian artist Marcel Gagnon created over 100 life-sized figures out of stone & wood. These were strategically placed on the St. Lawrence River. Each one faces the river, & they allegedly keep watch on the water. They all feature the same tall, narrow characteristics, which give them a haunting presence. Don’t forget to check out this artistic display, it’s located just outside Quebec City.

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