Things to know about Jackpot Slots

Things to know about Jackpot Slots

Slots are the most popular casino games. They are simple to play, yet very exciting and enjoyable. There are many Things to Know about Jackpot Slots. Many professional players share the opinion that slots provide hours of world-class entertainment as they offer everything they need. From thrilling gameplay to colossal prizes.

These slots, in land-based casinos, often attract huge crowds due to the elaborate appearance and the many colorful lights most of the slot machines feature.

Today, it is possible to play slots in several online casinos, which means that you can try your luck on various games at the most convenient place and time for you. There are many exclusive games given the vast diversity of available slots.

One of the most popular slot games is with jackpots. These games offer players the opportunity to win a large prize while having fun. But when it comes to jackpot slots, there are some important things which you should take into account before you opt for them.

Types of Jackpot Slots

In Jackpot slots also all are not the same as the prizes are different. Therefore, all jackpot slots are grouped, depending on this factor. The two main categories are flat-top jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots.

Flat Top Jackpot Slots

Flat top jackpot slots are also termed as flat tops that feature a fixed prize. In these types of jackpot slots, the maximum amount you can win is predetermined and you can find it on the paytable of the respective slot game.

The prize you will get depends on the number of coins you have inserted. Several leading software providers offer such non-progressive games. You can choose from many slots with crisp graphics and exclusive features.

Although these games offer a lower final price, your chances of winning are much higher compared to the odds you have in progressive jackpot games. The bigger the jackpot in a particular game is, the lower your chances of hitting it are. It is, therefore, suggested, to opt for flat-top machines which offer a smaller prize with higher odds of winning.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

What sets progressive jackpot slots apart from the flat top slots is the amount you can win is not fixed in advance. Instead, every time a player places a bet on the respective machine, a percentage of this bet goes to the jackpot. This keeps on increasing its amount of jackpot and it can accumulate to a life-changing sum.

This process of amassing continues until a lucky player wins the mind-blowing sum. When this happens, the jackpot is reset to its predetermined initial amount. Although progressive slots can make you a millionaire overnight, the chances of hitting the jackpot are quite low.

Moreover, progressive jackpot slots are also divided into three categories – Standalone, In-House, and Wide Area progressives.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Machines usually feature three small jackpots – Mini, Medium, and Large. It depends on the software provider of the slot variation you are playing.

The In-House Progressive Jackpot Machines apart from the first type is the fact that they are associated together across one casino or multiple casinos that share the same software supplier. It means you can play in different gambling venues and still have the chance to hit the shared jackpot. All of the connected machines are a part of a network and the prize can reach a substantial amount. Every time a player places a bet on a linked machine, the jackpot gradually increases.

The last type is the so-called Wide Area Progressive Jackpot Machines. These are also linked together but this time, they cover large areas, sometimes even an entire state. Online casinos made it possible for this type of jackpot network to get connected globally also. As a large number of players wager on such machines, the jackpot often reaches a massive amount.

Popular Software Suppliers that Offer Jackpot Slots

Software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech spare no efforts when it comes to producing slot games and it matters.

Slots have come a long way since their inception in the casinos. You can choose from a broad selection of jackpot games and play the one that suits your personal preferences best. These software suppliers are among the most innovative and trustworthy when it comes to jackpot slots.

Jackpot Slot Games by Microgaming

It is one of the most prestigious software suppliers as it offers high-quality games that feature second-to-none visual and sound effects. It offers a wide selection of progressive slots that offer some of the biggest jackpots on the online gambling market. The world record for the largest jackpot payout in online slots belongs to this company, which is £13.2 million (€17,8) that a player won playing Mega Moolah in the popular Betway online casino.

Besides Mega Moolah, other popular progressive jackpot slots by this software provider include King Cashalot, Fruit Fiesta, Major Millions, Wow Pot, The Dark Knight, and others.

Jackpot Slot Games by Playtech

This is yet another prominent software supplier having an impeccable reputation when it comes to slots. The company provides one of the largest jackpot networks which features more than 60 exciting progressive jackpot slots.

Most of the progressive slots by this software provider have special features. Playtech is also popular for its innovative feature – Everybody’s Jackpot. Whenever a lucky player wins the progressive jackpot, he/she gets 70% of the winning amount, whereas the remaining 30% goes to the rest of the participants who fulfills the requirements.

It is an interesting concept that makes the game more exciting and interesting. The slot with this feature is Progressive Jackpot and it contains 8 paylines. This software provider has also developed several popular slots.

Jackpot Slot Games by NetEnt

Mostly known as NetEnt, it is one of the most innovative and professional software suppliers in the online gambling industry. It offers an array of jackpot slots that feature impressive prizes that every player has the chance to win. Other then, NetEnt is also a software supplier with a Guinness World Records for paying out a whopping amount of €11.7 million.

A Mega Fortune player won the progressive jackpot in September 2011. This is a 5-reel slot that has 25 paylines and it offers you the chance to win three colossal prizes – Major Progressive Mega, Rapid Progressive Jackpots. Some other amazing progressive jackpot slots include Hall of Gods, Icy Wonders, Divine Fortune, Arabian Nights, Mega Joker, and others.

Cosmic Fortune is yet another sought-after progressive slot game since allows players to win not one but five jackpots. It offers three progressive jackpots and 15 paylines which make it stand out. Yet another great thing about this space-themed game is its extra features like the Free Falls and the Avalanche Feature. It also contains Wild and Scatter symbols which are in a blue picture and a gold picture, both of which have the initial letter of the element written on them.


These are the facts that you should know about Jackpot slots before playing it. There are several reasons why you should play Jackpot slots and have a great time.