Things to know About Compensation for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Things to know About Compensation for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Compensation is allowed to the passengers when the flight is delayed or canceled or even if you are denied to fly under certain circumstances.

There have been stories about how the passengers were urged to take the next flight due to overbooking and then the promise of compensation is made which is not really upheld by the Canadian airlines. Passengers often ought to fight to gain their compensation and as a result, many of these people go to the media to share their stories.

Cancelation, Delays, and Involuntary Denial to Board

Lengthy flight delays; cancellation within 14 days of the departure date; should all be compensated according to the European law (EC261). The involuntary denials on all flights from EU; and flights to the EU on all EU carriers majorly uphold this rule. The person may be compensated to a little up to $900 per person from the airlines.

The law also says that the miscellaneous expense paid in addition with the prepaid reservation expense would be reimbursed with extreme prejudice to the traveller in case of an air problem.

If by chance due to an overbooking dilemma, the travelers are put on hold for the next flight then the airlines should compensate the traveler up to $1350 US depending upon the duration of the delay.

Percentage of Compensation Charged

People, as you can see, are unaware of their rights and thus the company AirHelp takes the initiative to make them understand their rights about airline travels and say about 877 percent of the people are unaware. They have also helped more than 10 million passengers to gain their compensations.

AirHelp does, however, takes a small percentage from the compensation but only when the compensation is paid out. AirHelp also confirms the eligibility of the passenger for his/her compensation. They also have helped a few cases at the court.


If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you must opt for the compensation and if required may take help of the company AirHelp!