Top Budget Travel Spots for Canadians

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Top Budget Travel Spots for Canadians

Faced with the steady decline of the Canadian dollar, Canadians are rethinking their vacations plans. An increased amount of people are being confronted with a bleak financial situation. This is causing them to investigate cheaper travel options. Fortunately this troubling trend hasn’t stopped our countrymen from exploring the world. It has just changed which destinations are most appealing.

When traveling on a budget, there are many factors that you need to consider. Jumping head first into an expensive Euro trip can break the bank of anyone who is being affected by the growing economical crunch. Instead of going to the fanciest places, Canadians are increasingly looking for more bang for their buck.

Luckily for you, we are here to help. We understand what it’s like to travel on a shoe string budget. Even though our currency doesn’t carry the weight that it used to, there’s still hope. That’s why we took the time to scour the internet to discover the best travel destinations for our fellow Canadians. Be sure to read this list before you give up on your next vacation. Prepare to be surprised & inspired, good travel doesn’t have to be expensive!

Best Travel Spots for Struggling Canadians

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Iceland is the next big travel spot for Canadians!

Budget Travel Destination #1: Iceland – If you love pristine wilderness & outdoor adventure, Iceland is for you. Luckily for the modern day adventurer, getting there is the cheapest part. This gorgeous travel spot is the target of multiple jaw dropping flight deals. WOW Air is holding nothing back with a series of spectacular specials. If you buy in anticipation you can expect to get tickets for as low as $99 each way. Thanks to these killer deals there’s no excuse not to reconnect with nature!

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Spice up your life with some Caribbean flavor!

Budget Travel Destination #2: Dominican Republic – If you are sick & tired of winter, it’s time to escape to the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has long been a top travel spot for adventurous Canadians. Unfortunately, for the last few years only the wealthy have been able to afford this luxury. Luckily for normal vacationers, the low price of fuel is opening up doors to dirt cheap plane tickets. In the last year alone, prices have dropped 40% from Toronto & 55% from Winnipeg. More airlines are also increased their number of flights to this tropical paradise. So treat yourself before the price of fuel makes a comeback!

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Thanks to a falling currency, Poland is the most tantalizing destination in Europe!

Budget Travel Destination #3: Poland – Even if you don’t have a bulging bank account, Europe is still within your reach. According to experts, Poland is one of the few European countries that’s still a good deal for Canadians. The Polish zloty is falling at an equal pace as the Canadian dollar, which is making Poland an increasingly attractive place to visit. Nights in 4 star hotels have dropped to as low as $60 a night, quality food can be found below $10 a plate & it’s also home to the cheapest beer in Europe at $3 a pint. Take advantage of these enticing prices before the Polish government is forced to adopt the euro!