How To Play Roulette – Beginner’s Guide

How To Play Roulette – Beginner’s Guide

Roulette is a casino based game that was invented by a Frenchmen Blaise Pascal. The initial roulette wheel was introduced hundreds of years ago during which the casino game has already earned a lot of popularity throughout the world. All these years several avid players and master sampled the game and defined some tricks that helped them win playing roulette online.

These roulette tips have been very useful for both beginners and even for experienced roulette players. Let’s find out how to win the Roulette game?

Ways To Play Roulette – Roulette Tips & Tricks

It is a fun game that comes with a range of choices and online roulette strategy. In this game, some chips are placed on the virtual Roulette board. You need to select one specific number, a group of numbers, all even numbers, all odd numbers or you can also opt to skip all the numbers and just bet on the colors, red or black.

Once the stakes are settled, the roulette stimulator begins to spin and start releasing the balls. On slowing down of the wheel the ball stops on one of the labeled pockets with a number in that packet. If it rests on the number that you selected, you win the bet. In case you win, you can opt to leave your winning on the table which is also called as “letting it ride”. Once you do so, the game starts again and you get a chance to pocket even more money by the ball halting on your selected numbers.

How to Become A Roulette Pro In Canada

The several numbers and colors on the roulette table have been completely overwhelming for beginners, that’s the reason simplification of the entire process is necessary to make you understand how actually to play roulette like a pro. Let’s watch different steps that you must follow while playing roulette smartly. In addition, we will also understand different rules simultaneously. Let’s familiarize with the different betting options and the various roulette wheels. For example, a normal roulette wheel has 36 pockets numbered 1-36; the American roulette wheel has 38 slots numbered 1-36 with green 0 and 00 slots, and the European roulette wheel is packed with 37 pockets numbered 1-36 along with a green 0 slot.

Step 1

To start with, you need to understand the betting format before spinning roulette wheel. The roulette game has various betting formats, with high and low and high stakes combinations that you can select from. This is a fact that online roulette games have a higher house edge compared to other casino gambling games. It is, therefore, suggested that you should stake minimum bets while you learn how to play roulette online.

Step 2

After getting familiar with the betting options and roulette wheels, it is time to book a seat at your favorite online roulette table and start wagering. You can also pick your favorite numbers to bet on a specific combination like red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36 apart from picking your favorite numbers.

Step 3

Next step is after placing your wager you need to spin the roulette wheel. On spinning the wheel the ball will rotate around the wheel and stops into a particular field having a certain color.

Step 4

When the ball drops into a pocket and the roulette wheel stops spinning, you will come to know the results of the wagers you placed.  Your all winning bets will be paid out, and the bets you lost will be collected before the beginning of the next round.

Easy Tricks to Follow Roulette Strategy To Win

There are some basic set of rules that are easy to grasp which you need to follow. You must choose the objective of the game minutely i.e. you need to speculate where the ball might stop. You need to place your bets before the wheel stops. Often you need to place your bets before the wheel is in motion in many online casinos. You should decide when to call off betting for the round and mark off the winning numbers.

You should have sufficient time in hand to place your bets. You should not be in hurry to place bets. As roulette is a game of luck and chance, it is, therefore, suggested you must not place a bet on all the fields on the table. It has been proven that playing ‘outside’ usually help new roulette players to understand the game better.

You must manage your time and money spent on an online roulette game if you want to win games and play like a professional. It is always necessary to keep monitoring your bankroll closely and keep adding to it to play longer. You can set a limit on the amount of time you are going to play the game and stick with it and must also decide when to call off.