5 Tips to Save your Bankroll

5 Tips to Save your Bankroll

Many poker players – even the winners and experts – often burn through their online bankrolls easily.

Players who lose money playing live poker also confess they’re just not able to keep track of the balance online. Strange!

Let’s find out how to save your online bankroll while playing poker!

If you are a winner in live poker, it says you are profitable and should be similarly profitable in online poker.

But the fact is, being successful in online poker means more control and discipline than live poker.  If you’re a consistent and great poker player, and if you are capable of winning online but cannot seem to keep a roll, this will is probably you would be looking for.

1. Play Within Your Roll

It is always better to start with the most imperative concept of a play within your bankroll if you really want to earn money online. If you are a winning player, you will wish to have a good return on your investment. For this, you must have sufficient money in your roll to make the variances and swings irrelevant.

Your bankroll should be sufficient enough to appear infinite. Comply with the standard rule of investing less than 5% of your bankroll in play at a time on the single table.

You can even drop that rate to as low as 1% or 2%. If you do not want to bother about going broke from losing any game, chances are you will not.

2. Don’t Monitor Your Balance

While playing poker it is very easy to check the amount of your online poker bankroll just by clicking a button. It is equally easy to fall into the trap of micro-managing your poker bankroll.

When you’re winning and, every time you review your bankroll you feel happy. It lifts your spirit. But you can go down to just one beat. If you lost, you want it back to where it was and that too immediately. This thought will make you chasing your losses. This is the initiation of your self-destruction. In poker, making money is a slow grind and losing money is a fast drop.

If you keep reviewing your bankroll balance, you’ll fall into the depression and you will think ‘It will take me a week to come to the level what I lost in an hour.”

The best way to get everything back is to skip limits and take a shot at a big score. This breaks rule 1 which is the first step to going broke.

3. Be Serious about Game


Do not play poker just for fun. Even the smallest mistake can cost you money. The more you lose, the harder it will become to recover and earn some real money.

Do not lose focus. Distractions are the real culprit and it will make you make multiple mistakes. Whatever it takes to concentrate on your game do it. If you need to shut everything else down to focus, do it. Don’t play to get out of boredom.  Often poker is not entertaining at all. If you are playing to get rid of boredom, chances are you will take casual actions leading to losses. If you’re bored and want to unwind, find doing something else.

4. Don’t avoid Human Needs

Do not forget you are human. Being human you require maintenance and keep fit. If you are not feeling healthy and find, you cannot play the best poker. Eat well to think better. Being hungry can distract your attention and affect your game. In addition, if you are not comfortable, you get distracted. Make yourself comfortable first by having a good chair, a right monitor, and set yourself boost up.


Follow these rules and you’ll be capable of playing winning poker and you will never go broke online. But, by any chance, you break any one of these rules others will drag you down through the door right behind it.  Be energetic, pink in health, in a good mood, and watch for any sign of rule being broken, abandon ship.