Explore the West Ghost Town Least Visited in Canada this Vacation

Explore the West Ghost Town Least Visited in Canada this Vacation

Ghost towns can exist anywhere in this world and Canada is home to a number of them. These towns can be found from coast to coast. One of them is in northern British Columbia, where lush greenery and vegetation are consuming the ruins that remain standing.

Reaching Coastal Ghost Town by Boat

Variations in prices are relative. The boat has a capacity of six people tops and starts at around $300 per hour for the entire boat. So it is all about how many people you bring along with you. $600 are charged for a boatload of 6 people for about 3 to 4 hours of the ride while $800 are charged for a full 6 to 8 hours ride including the tour guide and the lunch.

Don’t think this of a major rip off, as all equipment such as the safety gear is included in the charges. Personal flotation devices, snacks, and drinks, guide information about the place, local history is also added inclusively.

The jet boats are 20-ft long and are powered by V-8 engines. Covers are provided as well to keep the rain off of your heads due to any sudden downpours. Heaters are also provided for the chilly days for the extra bit of warmth.

Explore Coastal Ghost Town of Anyox, British Columbia

About 145 kilometers north of Prince Rupert and south of Whitehorse, the coastal ghost town of Anyox was once utopia of copper mining in the 1920s. The dilapidated hydroelectric dam now is easy to spot and was tallest in Canada once when built. There are still some of the remnants here that are part of its legacy.

Explore Ghost Town of British Columbia

Canadian adventurer Rob Bryce takes the utmost thrill and seeking people who are up for adventures such as exploring a ghost town. He believes that people need to hear and understand the story from their perspective. He owns the Northern BC Jet Boat Tours giving visitors a chance to experience it on their own and analyze the situation using their voice of reason.

Boat tours last an hour to full day rides so sit tight and desire your timing to see this through.