Casino Etiquettes in Canada

Casino Etiquettes in Canada

With the growing casino popularity, more people flock to casinos, more are learning how to play. It is always better to know the etiquettes that you must observe when you go into any Canadian casino.

Casino etiquette is the unspoken guidelines that make everyone’s poker experience better. Just memorize the etiquette and you’ll fit right in. Although these unspoken rules may vary from casino to casino, you need an overall idea on how you should conduct yourself. Here goes the list!

Don’t Click Pictures

Although pictures aren’t totally prohibited, it is not welcomed as well. They do not want potential criminals knowing their layout. You may snap someone playing great or celebrating the win but don’t go around filming everything.

Stick to a Dress Code

You must follow a decent dress code like a shirt, shoes, and skin to a minimum. You may also wear slacks and a dress shirt. Most casinos are open to shorts and sandals attire. Just confirm them in advance if you’re unsure.

Phone Calls While Gaming

Do not yap on the phone when your neighbor is trying to concentrate, you’ll get some death stares. Put your phone on vibrate and stick to text messages for communication. Try to pick emergency calls only by stepping out or finding a corner.

Watch Your Alcohol

Monitor your alcohol intake even if you are not driving. The key to safe gambling is having your wits about you. Alcohol can also result in some heated and unnecessary arguments with players. A little trash-talking is okay, just don’t sway away with it.

Buying and Rebuying

When entering the casino, do not buy chips before deciding on a game. The same applies to the slots. You might frequently wind up changing your mind and opting for a different betting option.

Respect the Dealer

Committing mistakes is obvious if you are a newbie in the casino. But you should respect the dealer’s decision for any discrepancies. Carefully listen to what they call out during each deal, play or hand. Being a newbie, sit out for a few rounds. Once you become aware of the flow of the game, you’ll make their jobs much easier. The faster the play, the more potential winnings are there for you.

Monitor your Chips

You must be aware how much you have, what you’re betting, and what chips are yours. Keep in mind the colors of the chips and their denominations. Know your chip’s color and your opponents when playing roulette.

Do not try to add, move, or take away chips in the middle of a blackjack hand or a roulette spin. This will lead you to trouble and removal from the table or casino.

Tips to Cash Out

Before leaving a table, you need to cash out. Before this, you need to convert your chips as per the game like blackjack, roulette, and craps all need to be changed to casino chips. Once done, ask the croupier to cash out and they will cash you out. You can then take your chips to the cashier when you’re ready to leave.

Don’t forget to Tip Your Dealer

Most of the casinos have some of the best dealers that you’ll come across. Because of them, the cards are flying faster, they communicate better, and more. Tipping your dealer is common courtesy and good casino etiquette. The range could ideally be $5 to $10 as per their hourly pay.

Gambling Machine Tips

Yes, you can play multiple machines at a time, and it is a good strategy also. But it is a common courtesy to leave at least one spot open when you are playing multiple machines.

Don’t Abuse Equipment

Don’t pull on the reels or mash buttons too hard.  Be peaceful and calm and don’t abuse the equipment. Don’t slap chips or bend cards. If you want to have a sip or bite, do it away from the play. Keep a good distance between you and the table or machine you’re at.

Don’t Coach People

Do not offer unsolicited advice unless someone asks you how to play a particular slot. In fact, most slot machines are pretty straight-forward. They already have pretty good instructions, too.

Card Game Casino Etiquette

Depending upon the type of game casino etiquette for card games will vary a little.

  1. Don’t Coach Hands

Most of the players don’t like to be told they’re playing wrong. In poker, nobody trusts the guy telling them that they need to play their hand a certain way to win. So, better keep this suggestions and strategies for yourself.

  1. Use Hand Gesture

It is good to use hand signals when you’re playing card games. It is also advisable for security purposes. Security cameras can’t capture mumbled commands, so you must signal for your hits or stands. Hand gestures make the game smoother and avoid any mistakes or at least keep it to a minimum.

  1. Facing Cards Up or Down

All your cards should be dealt face-down. You will seldom find a dealer accidentally flip a card while dealing. When cards are put face up on the table, they are either being folded or in a showdown. Folding cards face up means the last two players have left which is bad casino etiquette if all your hands are folded facing up.

These are some of the basic etiquettes you must follow when entering any casino for playing your slots or cards!