All what you want to know about Tipping at the casino

All what you want to know about Tipping at the casino

Tipping at Casino

It is though not mandatory to do tipping at the casinos but it is considered as etiquette for the players playing at the casinos.  Often it is seen that casino dealers and casino staff rely on the tips so as to add extras on to their not so high wages that they earn as livelihood.  Here is all what you wish to know about such tipping habit and giving tips at the casino.

You must have seen that some players always are in the habit of giving tips to the casino staff and few avoid this rule. Many players like to offer cash as tip and others tip in casino chips. All this depends on what game you’re playing.

Tipping the Dealers

Ever wondered what dealers think about getting tip from the players.  According to dealers at the casino it is the players responsibility at the gaming tables to offer tip to them. They say whether you win or lose they offer the same level of service and expect and deserve to receive compensation. Dealers also know that losers at the gaming table may not tip them and so they do not ask as courtesy but it is the players choice again. Players should remember that tips are given in return for courteous service, not for wins, so whether or not you tip shouldn’t be dependent on your gaming success.

Many dealers have experiences that when a player loses they blame the dealers for their loss and therefore do not tip them. This creates a bad reputation of the players at the casino in front of dealers. Remember if you visit the casino often you have to come in contact with the dealers again. Therefore it is your good attitude that makes them remember you.

Casino Dealers spend more time with you at tables

Dealers at the casino gaming tables are the ones that spend time with you. They are just like your friends who guide you and make you understand the game properly. The management, pit bosses and hosts at the casinos want you to have a good time but they’re not invested in your experience in the same way that the dealer who is with you throughout your game — is. So it is better to treat the dealer like your friend and offer them a reward or tip.

It also doesn’t mean to take this as a negative sign. That means if you have tipped a dealer never expect a dealer to cheat for you at the gaming table but it’s worth your while to remember that a happy dealer can help you during the game. If a dealer feels that you’re on “his side” he can alert you during a game of craps if you forget to add odds to your bet or if you take a C & E on a come-out roll many players do forget to add odds or take C & Es when it’s not the right time. A Blackjack dealer might suggest splitting a pair of 8s at blackjack when he thinks that it’s to your advantage. But if the dealer isn’t interested in seeing you win, he will seldom speak with you and that is certainly not in your favour.

Players are tagged as George, Live and Stiff

You must have heard in casino languages dealers talking about players. Dealers often name and lable the players as “George,” a “Live” or a “Stiff.” Stiffs, as you can sense are  those players who don’t tip. Since management doesn’t allow the dealers to encourage tipping, or even to mention it, many stiffs are people who simply don’t know the etiquette of tipping. While dealers recognize that the stiffs don’t tip out of ignorance, they still don’t get anything in regard to service other than the deal. “Georges” are those players that are high-rollers. They happily tip the dealers with chips worth large values hundreds, even thousands of dollars in chips. If a George arrives at a dealer’s table he is showered by the casino staff with friendly atmosphere being chatty at the table offering plenty of drinks and even some tips so that he’ll win even more and tip even more “Live” players are those who tip not much but enough for instance, putting the dealer up for 50 cents on the dollar on some or most of their hands. Dealers appreciate it if the player bets the tip for the dealer.

Players betting for the Dealer

Many player places a bet in the normal player’s spot and then places an additional chip in front of his own chip to bet for the dealer at a card game,. This indicates that the front chip is for the dealer. If the player wins the hand, the dealer will match the additional “dealer’s” bet – the dealer’s win. The player, of course, receives his regular payout. If the player loses, both bets go to the House. Dealers prefer this type of bet. They like to play with you too. They’re willing to take the chance because they have the opportunity to double the amount that the player was prepared to give them as a tip.

Tips on giving tip and the games

  • When playing Rouletter tips to dealers via wagers are generally conducted by putting a chip on a number that the dealer identifies as his preferred number. When the player places the bet, he indicates that the bet will go to the dealer. Again, dealers like to gamble and enjoy receiving such tips like if a roulette dealer’s number comes up he wins 35 to 1 for that bet.
  • When playing craps the player could place a small wager next to the regular bet on the Pass Line. The craps crew will then realize that that bet is for them. If the player wins, the crew wins too.  Another way of doing it might be if a player places a wager on the hardways and announces that that hardway tip will be “for the boys” Some gamers simply leave some of their chips at the table when they leave and the crew gets the chips and splits the amount that the chips represent.
  • If you have won a Jackpot win in a game always tip 5% of the total jackpot
  • If you stayed overnight at the casino room always leave a three to then-dollar tip per night according to the offered service
  • Canadian law prohibits casinos from serving free alcohol so you shouldn’t expect to be “treated” on a Canadian casino’s gaming floor.
  • Tipping dealers is unaccepted (in fact, against the law) in the UK, New Zealand and Australia
  • In France, when you play European roulette (single zero) the house edge is 2.7 percent. If you win a single number bet in this game and collect your 35 chips, it’s considered rude if you don’t tip the dealer.

But all said in the end it is to show your appreciation to the casino people who work hard to make sure that you have an enjoyable and satisfying casino experience.