5 Offbeat Alberta Road Trips to Experience

5 Offbeat Alberta Road Trips to Experience

Alberta has some of the greatest places to visit in Canada when it comes to holidays and chilling out. Places like Calgary and Edmonton are to name a few. Then there is the phenomenal admiration for nature in Banff. So sit back, relax and sip on your favorite champagne while enjoying these places first hand. Below are some of the iconic places that you can visit in Alberta:

  1. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

With a great significance to the Blackfoot people, the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is located 100km southeast of Lethbridge which is closer to the American border and it is profitable to invest this far south of the park as this area is of high historical importance. The Blackfoot inhabitants that used to live here carved numerous petroglyphs which are a matter of great heritage to them. Hence, visit this place to know more about the history of the Blackfoot people.

There are also places like the Waterton Lakes National Park for some lakes to view, and also a chance for hikers to show their worth at the Prince of Wales Hotel.

  1. Icefields Parkway

Stretching from Lake Louise in Banff National Park to Jasper, the Icefields Parkway has one of the most elegant road trips in Canada both in summer and winter time. With the serene mountain valleys and sparkling lakes to over 100 ancient glaciers including the renowned Athabasca Glacier, Icefields Parkway has a lot to offer during the 232 km long ride. There is even a breathtaking view from a 918-foot cliff in Icefields Skywalk along the way.

Always take caution in precarious situations. Anything could cause a major incident during bad weather. Regardless of the season, drive cautiously to avoid any wildlife during the road trip as there can be a bighorn sheep crossing the road, arbitrarily.

  1. The Cowboy Trail

The Highway 22 which is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, takes you to the heart of Alberta’s ranchlands. This road is called the “Cowboy Trail” while driving through it, you can admire the meadows stretching alongside and the grasslands are a sight for the sore eye. Alongside, there are many different attractions as well such as the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the buffalos are being preserved. This place is the ultimate utopia for environmental conservationists and wildlife protectors. Other places to visit are the Sundre Pioneer Museum and the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site.

  1. Boomtown Trail

Taking the alternative route while driving from Edmonton to Calgary through Highway 2 is much more preferred than the generic, boring route. This route is called the Boomtown Trail, and it takes you down to Alberta’s railway history in Camrose. Most Albertans prefer this route because of the places that you can visit alongside this. Then, you can depart from there to Stettler, the historic town where you can learn the natural history of the place. There are also many different rural villages that come in the path between Edmonton and Calgary.

  1. The Dinosaur Trail

After the history comes the prehistory part in Alberta. To the west of the Rocky Mountains, the badlands show a unique part of the area. Along the Highways 837 and 838 along the Red Deer River, you will find the 48 km long Dinosaur Trail. There are many rock formations as well and you can also go hiking in the expansive Midland Park. There is also the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is one of the world’s most amazing paleontological museum that has research facilities as well. For some refreshments, you can always visit the Last Chance Saloon which is an old biker bar that serves delicious burgers.

A serene experience

So all it takes is for you to pedal on the metal, and just go on a drive with your family or friends. Regardless of the reason, you can always visit these places that are iconic and magnificent and also insightful to visit. Alberta is just up your alley if you are looking for long drives with catchy landmarks alongside them.