5 Amazing Hot Springs to Visit in British Columbia

5 Amazing Hot Springs to Visit in British Columbia

As ostentatious and real photos there are in any photograph or Instagram post, believe me, it is all true and real as depicted in the photos. You might have second thoughts on it’s a game of filters but I kid you not when I say this “it is all real!”

Yes, British Columbia is a place as real as you may have heard about it from a friend or seen on any social networking platform. It is an absolute bliss to be over there. The pristine and lucid environment over there is something to be startled and stunned about.

There are the Lussier Hot Springs in the East Kootenays and it has a perfect soothing view of mountain peaks, a pure river, and a natural hot tub. Below are some other places in British Columbia for you to observe.

1. Halcyon Hot Springs

With the ultimate road trip where you can find a hot spring at the end of every corner, take the route between Nelson and Revel Stoke. Around every corner of the Arrow Lakes, you can find a hot spring at every corner.

The man-made pools that have the dazzling view of the Monashee Mountains are a gem to humanity, the Halcyon Hot Springs is one of the best in the business. The dips start at $17.

2. Radium Hot Springs

You will be enthralled with your experience in the Radium Hot Springs where there are odorless mineral pools. These pools are quite cost efficient since they only cost $7.30 for a day at the baths. It is also just a 1.5-hour drive from Banff and the need for a nose plug is unnecessary in these pools.

3. Fairmont Hot Springs

Been in business since the 1900s, the Fairmont Hot Springs is a 20-minute ride south of Invermere and it is open to regular visitors. The day price is about $14.95 and there is a special discount for late-night swimmers.

Take a dip in the mineral-rich waters of this place. Activities like kayaking, swimming lessons for kids are also available over here.

4. Hot Spring Cove

Abridged in an old rainforest in Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, there is a series of ocean-side rock pools with a waterfall running. It is a 1.5-hour ride or 20-minute seaplane ride from Tofino.

Despite the adventurous trip to get here, there isn’t much of a treasure located over here. Book a night at the Inn Charter to avoid the crowds. Or you can even put up a tent at the Hot Springs Cove and Campground just to stargaze and enjoy the feel of Mother Nature.

5. Liard River Hot Springs

The Liard River Hot Springs is a hot-pool by the green meadows. It is extremely satisfying to take a dip in such hot springs as they are naturally warmed up and there is no human interference. The temperatures range about 42-52 degree Celsius.

Due to the existence of the hot springs, the habitat around here has enabled many unusual plants to survive and grow like the unique species of orchids. Such lukewarm temperatures have also eradicated the existence of mosquitoes and bears during winter times.