Sopranos Slot Released

Sopranos Slot Released

Do you remember the cult American show called The Sopranos? You must remember the show as it ran from 1999 all the way to 2007 on HBO and was exported to many overseas countries. For those that do not know or remember the Sopranos, it was a show based on the Mafia with the lead guy being the Mafia don Tony Soprano who was based in New Jersey. The show was a drama based on mafia life and showed you an interesting and thought capturing array of episodes over the 8 years it was on show.

Although the show finished in 2007, many still love to get out their box set and watch this program, it is for this reason that HBO have allowed licence of the show to become an online slot game.

Of all the software companies that could have snapped the Sopranos franchise up, it was Playtech that did the deal with HBO. This is something many are very happy about given Playtechs history in the online casino world and the respect everyone has for this great online slot company.

The game is called The Sopranos for obvious reasons and is a must play slot whether your into the Sopranos or not. From the outset you are inundated with brilliant clips from the program with the enticing clips at the start showing many memorable scenes.

This slot is a five reel affair that delivers up to five thousand coins as the jackpot. All the main symbols are made up with the characters of the show with Arty, Bobby, Christopher, Johnny, Paulie and the most important character Tony being the main symbols to watch out for.

There are many bonus games and other great things to watch out for on this slot so it is certainly one to play even if you do not know the Sopranos.