Wild NYC Attractions You Need to See

New York may have undergone a makeover, but it’s still home to plenty of odd attractions. This is refreshing to see, since most Canadians come back with the same stories after visiting NYC. Everyone has visited the Statue of Liberty & gotten lost in the crowds at Times Square. While those are things that everyone should see, some travelers crave something a little more interesting. There’s something to be said about discovering something unique, since individuality while travelling is making a comeback. People are sick of the same tourist traps, so it’s time to explore something new.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to explore for adventurous visitors. These attractions are well off the beaten path of the millions of tourists that flock to NYC. They offer a unique glimpse into the many sub-cultures of this bustling city. Each one ranges from odd to thought provoking, making them indispensable places to visit. This year is all about starting anew, & there’s no better way than to find a new gem. For this reason, we have compiled a list of wild NYC attractions. They are delightfully unique, so prepare to be blown away by their flair!

Wild NYC Attractions Everyone Should Visit

Wild NYC Attractions

Dive headfirst into this fun film!

NYC Attraction #3: Then She Fell – This is a must-see for any die hard Alice In Wonderland fan. It’s more than a simple play, since it lets visitors dive into the mind of Lewis Carroll. Everyone has seen the movie or read the book, but few have experienced the movie first hand. This level of immersion used to be impossible, but now the Third Rail Project offers a whole new experience.

Their immersive theater is set in an ex-psych ward in Brooklyn. They only allow 15 audience members at a time, since everyone is thrown into the story. If you ever dreamed of having tea with March Hare & interacting with the Mad Hatter, this venue is for you. Immerse yourself in various scenes of this infamous film with this one of a kind show!

Wild NYC Attractions

Explore some of the most interesting cemeteries in the world!

NYC Attraction #2: Cemetery Tours – New York is home to some of the most iconic venues of all time, & their cemeteries are no exception. These gems are bursting at the seams with history, & are filled to the brim with rare architecture. There are plenty of odd places to explore, but their many commentaries can’t be beaten. Brooklyn’s massive Green-Wood Cemetery is home to plenty of visionaries. From Boss Tweed to Leonard Bernstein, there’s plenty of big name tombs to explore. A trolley patrols this cemetery regularly, making it a bonified attraction.

The big name cemeteries are nice to see, but it you want to explore something exotic go to the New York Marble Cemetery. This half-acre plot of land is tucked away in an alley of the East Village. It’s only open to the public once a month, so plan ahead to reserve your spot!

Wild NYC Attractions

Tour the most contaminated waters in New York!

NYC Attraction #1: Gowanus Dredgers Boat Tour – Out of all the canals in New York, the most polluted is the Gowanus Canal. This infamous waterway is so contaminated that it was named a Superfund site in 2010. Even though its waters are toxic, that hasn’t stopped the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club from running tours. Visitors get to ride canoes through these murky waters. It provides an interesting perspective on local preservation efforts & the canal’s history. Don’t be afraid of the smell, it’s actually a surprisingly enjoyable trip to take!

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