Wheel of Fortune Slots at Online Casinos in Canada

Wheel of Fortune slots

Wheel of Fortune Slots at Online Casinos in Canada

Wheel of Fortune Slots at online casinos in Canada

Wheel of Fortune slots at online casinos in Canada are widely played by gamers and punters. These are fun and exciting slot games which offer great rewards and prizes to win.  Wheel of Fortune games can be played to win a wide variety of prizes for landing on the different segments of the wheels – and you can cash every single one of them in.

There are many real money wheel of fortune slots at online casinos as well as live casinos in Canada. There are about 200 variants of Wheel of Fortune, the brand having long occupied a special place in the hearts of gamers. While some prefer Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond 3D, others regard Wheel of Fortune New Orleans as their favourite.

Here find four such popular standard real money wheel of fortune slots at online casinos in Canada which you can play with real CAD and win real cash.

1. Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin from IGT is exciting real money wheel of fortune slots to be played at Canadian online casinos. Find symbols including sports cars, emerald jewellery and private yachts, and then enjoy one of the best arrays of bonus games in the online slot game industry. Enjoy playing a Wild Bonus, Mini Wheel Bonus, Wheel of Fortune Bonus, and the one that may well win you your fortune – the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus.

With 720 multi-way ways to win a top-prize of up to 500,000 coins, this is a slot game aimed primarily at high-rollers – and minimum stakes are higher than the norm, though in proportion for the magnitude of the prizes you can play for.

The symbols are vibrant clear, and the paytable easy to understand. The game is all about prizes, payouts and brilliant bonus games.

The game may be called Wheel of Fortune – but you might need a wheelbarrow of fortune to carry your winnings. According to this game’s pay table, Payouts start with some traditional retro symbols including cherries, plums and apples and finding between 3 and 5 matching symbols can pay up to 125 coins.

Next up come some serious Wheel of Fortune prizes in the shape of sports cars at up to 300 coins, emerald jewelry ay up to 400 coins and luxury yachts at 1,000 coins, and these prizes will keep your bank balance boosted until you get chance to play the game’s brilliant bonuses.

Keep your eyes out for Wild, Mini Wheel Bonus, Wheel of Fortune, and Triple Wheels Bonus Symbols as these trigger the game’s bonuses. The Wild symbols will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can substitute for all the game’s base symbols to create prizes.

Three Mini Wheel Bonus Symbols will trigger the Mini Wheel Bonus in which you can win between 50x and 3,850x the coins value you’re playing. Find 5 Wheel of Fortune Bonus Symbols and you’ll instantly win 10,000 coins.

Keep an extra special eye out for the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus symbols though as these will trigger the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus during which you’ll be asked to pick envelopes (one per triggering symbol) to disclose how many spins of the blue, red and yellow wheels you get. The blue wheel awards 30x – 1,000x your coin value, the red wheel 100x – 5,000x your coin value, and yellow awards prize multipliers between 2x and 10x – which can combine to award the top-prize of 5000,000 coin.

The 720 ways to win costs a set 50 coins per spin, but you can stake each coin with a value of between 1 and 500. This allows a minimum bet of 50 coins and a maximum bet of 25,000 coins.

2. Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels

Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels

Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels is another wonderful slot from IGT. This is one of the old-school 5×3 slot is as glitzy as Las Vegas in its 70s pomp, with an aggregation of gemstones and diamonds spangling across the grid.

The game does all it can to lure in players, with a plethora of multipliers on offer, alongside an Ultra Wheel Bonus and a Scatter Wheels Bonus. Bonus’ is a bit of a watchword when it comes to games like this — players love nothing more than an enticing freebie. The Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels is packed with features to keep thirsty gamers returning to the well.

The grid favoured by Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels might be small, at 5×3, but given there are 30 pay-lines in play, there are plenty of combinations to aim for. You can take a look at the pay-lines by clicking on the Pays tab near the top of the screen, but suffice to say, the lines zigzag in many directions.

The reels feature numerous fruit icons, including pears, cherries, blueberries and apples. These aren’t just any old fruit, though; they’re inset with gemstones and diamonds, the kind of glittery baubles you see hanging from fine chains on film star’s necks. The iced-out bling hints at the fortunes to be uncovered in this thrilling game.

There’s plenty to catch the eye besides, of course. Above the reels you’ll find the name of the game printed in gold and blue, lit up like a neon sign atop a high-rollers’ casino. Along the bottom, meanwhile, you can find buttons to adjust your coin value, total bet and paylines.

In addition to diamond-encrusted fruit, the reels play host to a Wheels of Fortune logo, numerous 7 icons (in green, purple, silver, blue and red), a Scatter Wheels emblem and an Ultra Wheels crest. There’s also a wild symbol, which is easy to watch out for: it simply says WILD in block writing.

In this slot you can win some handsome pay-outs simply for hitting matching combos. Any combination of coloured 7s pays 75 for five in a line, though you can trigger 400 by landing five reds. Five blues pays 250, while five silvers pays 225. The fruit symbols, despite being garlanded with crystals, yield only modest pay-outs. The highest is 150 for five blackberries.

When utilised in a line win, the wild symbols transforms into a multiplier. It might be 2x or 3x, but it can also be 4x and 5x. The wild substitutes for all icons except the Ultra Wheel, Wheel of Fortune and Scatter Wheel. The Wheel of Fortune game logo, meanwhile, is the game’s other wild, giving gamers a 5x multiplier on wins when used in a winning line. It substitutes for all symbols except the Ultra Wheel, Wild and Scatter Wheel.

The multipliers can stack up, meaning you could well hit a 25x multiplier on your line win. The multiplying wilds appear on reels two and four only. Three or more Scatter Wheels in any position activates the eponymous Scatter Wheels feature. Each triggering symbol mutates into a wheel, which begins to spin automatically. The wheels then stop in order, from left to right. The indicated values that appear on the wheels are subsequently added together and multiplied by the triggering coin value to provide the total bonus win.

Like the Scatter Wheel Bonus, the Ultra Wheel Bonus is activated when a player lands three symbols in any position. After entering this bonus phase, three additional reels are spun. Each reel is related to a particular wheel in the bonus, and reels contain black spaces, Wheel symbols and Wheel + Multiplier icons. Pretty self-explanatory — just spin that bad boy and see what comes up. Huge money can be won here; wheel one contains multipliers that reach 10,000x. Ultra Wheel Bonus symbols appear on reels two, three and four.

3. Wheel of Fortune On Tour

Wheel of Fortune on Tour

Wheel of Fortune on Tour is an interactive video slot from software firm IGT . Wheel of Fortune on Tour differentiates itself from its namesakes by favouring the Level Up Plus mechanism, which rewards players with additional game features and payback boosts as play continues. The 5-reel video slot, which has 30 fixed paylines.

Wheel of Fortune takes place on five transparent reels set against a highly stylised backdrop showing jewel-like stars and palm trees. The title has a very modern look, with each symbol standing out on the reels in an almost three-dimensional style. The title appears in gold above the grid, and the control panel is situated along the bottom of the screen.

The symbols include a Route 66 road sign, a set of car keys, an old-fashioned roadmap (how archaic!), the Hollywood star, Mount Rushmore, a building in front of the Puerto Rican flag, the Statue of Liberty and the image of a European spire, in front of which is a golden bell. There’s also a Wheel of Fortune bonus symbol (represented by a yellow bus) and a Level Up On Tour bonus (represented by a fuel gauge). Lastly, there is a Wheel of Fortune logo.

The Wheel of Fortune logo is the base game’s best-paying, granting 2,500 for five and 500 for four. Line wins pay left to right, with all wins multiplied by the preassigned coin value. The game’s best-paying symbol is also wild, substituting for all icons except the yellow bus scatter.

Three yellow bus bonuses, in any position, trigger the Bonus Wheel. Simply hit Spin to rotate the varicolored wheel. When it stops, the winning outcome is indicated by the pointer. As features are unlocked, value wedges on the wheel are replaced by special wedges that trigger features.

The Wheelmobile Wilds Feature is triggered at random. When it activates, all occurrences of up to four randomly chosen symbols transform to wilds, increasing your odds of winning an exceptionally large payout.

Moreover, as you level up via Level Up Plus, you’ll unlock up to five new slices on the On Tour Bonus Wheel, which in turn will unlock exciting new features. Gamers earn a new fuel notch with every non-triggering yellow bus bonus symbol. When you’ve won ten fuel notches, the gauge will top out, awarding a whole tank. With a whole tank, the Wheel mobile moves one space along the map.

The Level Up awards are virtually endless. You can win Free Play Free Spins bonuses (which come with the added incentive of multiple wilds), payback boosts, Expanded Top Awards (tripling your chance of hitting the top prize) and a Letter Board Picker. You can also win multiplier values, from two to five, to be applied to the values on the Bonus Wheel.

The Letter Board Picker bonus is quite interesting. Three picks are awarded at the start of the bonus, and the multiplier is set to one. All you need to do is pick a letter to reveal an award value between 50 and 500 or a multiplier tile. You could win up to seven picks with 5x multipliers! At the conclusion of the LBP, the bonus awards the sum of the revealed values, which is multiplied both by the triggering coin value and the revealed multipliers.

4. Wheel of Fortune 5 Line

Wheel of Fortune 5 reel

Wheel of Fortune 5 line slot game is based on one of the most popular game shows of all time, Wheel of Fortune – Hollywood slot machine gives you a chance to win great cash prizes. Winnings are credited to your account immediately. If you lose, by having insufficient matching icons on a win line, you will lose your bet amount.

The maximum number of lines available for play is 5.  Win lines will always pay from left to right only. The icon on the far left of the win line will always be the starting point for all wins. Each Win line has one unit of the bet associated with it, each line can win separately in any single game. If you ignore selecting either the Lines button or the line indicator buttons, then the default setting for the game will be used, which is all 5 lines. Each line has its own progressively colour coded indicator.

Click the Play button to spin the reels to start the game. When the reels stop, any wins will be registered automatically and added to your account.

Only the highest single payment is made per winning line. For example, five matching icons pay out the value for five icons and not for four icons or three icons. Any icons can contribute to one or more win lines. Separate win line payouts are accumulated.

In the bonus Jackpot round three Bonus Wheel icons on an active win line will start the Bonus Jackpot Round. Bonus Wheel icons appear only on reels 1, 2 and 3. The Bonus Jackpot amount is determined by the Bonus Jackpot meter in the top left corner of the game screen. Bonus Jackpot Awards can ONLY be won in the Bonus Jackpot Round.

During regular play, the Bonus Jackpot meter will increase when a player receives a Red, Orange, or Yellow Bonus Jackpot Icon. The credit value of each Bonus Jackpot Icon is based on your total bet. The Yellow and Orange Bonus Jackpot Icons add the same number of credits as your total bet. The Red Bonus Jackpot Icon adds twice as many credits as your total bet.

Once the Bonus Jackpot Round has been triggered, a special screen will appear in place of the reels and the game will begin. Begin by spinning the wheel (“Spin”). After the first spin, you may take your prize, or spin again for a chance to win more prizes.

Before any second spin 4 Bankrupt spaces will replace 4 Prize spaces on the bonus wheel. If you choose to spin again and land on any of the bankrupt spaces YOU WILL LOSE all prizes gained during the bonus round. If you win another prize, 4 more bankrupt spaces will be added to the wheel and so on. You may take your prize after any successful spin.

If you land on Bankrupt you will lose all accumulated prizes, but will be awarded a consolation prize. You will then be given the option of playing a further double up game or you can take your prize and return to the regular game.

The starting prize for the double up game is line wager times ten (10). You can play the double up game a maximum of five (5) times.

Once you return to the regular game the Bonus Jackpot meter WILL BE RESET TO BASE; regardless if you won a jackpot prize in the bonus round. The first time you play Wheel of Fortune, or after playing in the Bonus Jackpot Round, the Yellow, Orange, and Red Jackpot Accumulators will be set to 50, 75 and 100 times the minimum line bet, respectively. If the win line that first activates the Wheel Bonus has more than the minimum bet wagered on it, additional credits will be added to the Jackpot Accumulator. The supplemental credits are as follows:

  • Top jackpot (Red): 100 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).
  • Middle jackpot (Orange): 75 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).
  • Bottom jackpot (Yellow): 50 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).

Wheel of Fortune slot machines

Wheel of Fortune slot machines

Wheel of Fortune slot machines are often standard three-reel machines with typical symbols and paylines. They’re differentiated by the obvious Wheel of Fortune game show theme and the even more obvious giant wheel.

Earning spins on the wheel can be very valuable. Depending on the specific machine and stakes, a spot on the wheel is usually worth between 20 and 1000 credits. Earning spins is reasonably common, too.

A standard three-reel Wheel of Fortune slot simply needs the “spin” symbol to appear on the payline of the third reel. This ensures players will likely get to experience the Wheel of Fortune aspect of the game. It also guarantees that each play on the slot machine is itself suspenseful. No matter what shows up on the first two reels, a potentially lucrative spin of the wheel may be approaching.

Progressive Jackpots on Wheel of Fortune slots

Wheel of Fortune slots

Wheel of Fortune slot machines offer some of the largest progressive jackpot prizes anywhere. The 25-cent machines offer a jackpot that starts at $200,000 and steadily rises. The jackpot frequently reaches over $500,000 before being hit.

The $1 and $5 machines offer a jackpot that starts at $1 million. A Wheel of Fortune machine’s jackpot is linked to all other machines of the same stakes that offer the progressive jackpot in the state of Nevada. The amounts will be reset on all machines to their (still quite lofty) starting amounts whenever the jackpot is hit.

To be eligible for a progressive jackpot on these machines, players must play max credits on their spin. Max credits are three for the 25-cent machines and two for the $1 and $5 machines.

Not all Wheel of Fortune slots have this progressive jackpot, but the jackpot has undoubtedly become a staple of the brand.

With a unique money-making opportunity at a relatively low cost, the Wheel of Fortune progressive jackpots are certain to attract jackpot hunters. When the jackpot amount swells to unusually high numbers, many seekers who don’t spend much of their time playing slots will make their way to the WoF machines in hopes of the life-changing encounter.

What can you win from Wheel of Fortune?

With big money wheel opportunities and enormous progressive jackpots, the money swings on many Wheel of Fortune slots will also be substantial. Players may well sit down at one of these machines with only 20 to 30 credits and go on a long dry streak. But if that luck does come, it’s entirely reasonable for $20 to become $500 within a matter of minutes. Either way, Wheel of Fortune slot machines are not for the faint of heart.

Hinged to a game show that has been successful for over 40 years, these slots don’t seem to have any end in sight. A solid game with the potential for huge money, fun times, and the intrigue of a life-altering progressive jackpot will never have trouble finding players waiting to be the next winner.

Now play these exciting wheel of fortune slots at Canadian online casinos.