Visit the Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

With national marijuana legalization looming on the horizon, dispensaries are popping up around Canada. These venues aren’t necessarily legal, but some provinces are letting them thrive. Since cannabis is due to be fully legalized by July 1st 2018, police aren’t in a hurry to crack down. This leaves these dispensaries in an interesting predicament, since their future is hazy at best. Sensing law enforcement’s hesitation, tons of dispensaries are opening up shop. These venues are seizing the opportunity to try to get grandfathered into the legal framework.

Luckily for the consumer, this wave of hopeful dispensaries provides some much-needed competition. Now that there are more cannabis shops, these venues have to provide better deals to seduce clients. Each dispensary is scrambling to stand out, so the race is on to cater to clients. From topical lotions to potent flowers, finding high quality marijuana products is no longer guesswork. Hopefully this trend will lead to lower prices, so clients can officially switch to legal means of acquiring cannabis.

Even though the jury is out on how long these cannabis dispensaries stay open, they are ready to serve visitors now. This provides countless opportunities for clients, since there are more than a few shops to choose from. Variety is always a good thing, but it can make picking the best shops difficult. We know customers are inundated with choices, so we decided to showcase Canada’s best dispensaries. These cannabis clubs have made a name for themselves with their quality products and warm atmospheres. Prepare to be united with your next favorite shop, you owe it to yourself to try them!

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

Cannabis Dispensaries

Enjoy a dose of ganja yoga!

Cannabis Dispensary #3: Kelowna Compassion Society – Out of all the dispensaries, this one steals the show with its unique services. Instead of focusing exclusively on business, this shop is dedicated to its customers’ well-being. They invite clients to relax and participate in their self-proclaimed “Ganja Yoga” classes. It’s the perfect mix of medication and wellness, since vape sessions are offered before each session. They host two ganja yoga classes a day, so there’s no excuse not to fit it in your schedule.

On top of providing one of the most unique environments we have witnessed, their medication is equally impressive. They have a long line of flowers and extracts that range from top of the line to budget meds. This dispensary embodies the welcoming Canadian spirit, so don’t hesitate to stop by!

Cannabis Dispensaries

It’s rare to find a boutique that sports affordable prices!

Cannabis Dispensary #2: THC The Healing Center – Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, this shop makes sure everyone gets a piece of the action. The quality of their products is only outshined by their more than affordable prices. From delightfully pungent flowers to mind blowing concentrates, everything is offered at a comfortable price. The staff is friendly and the décor is phenomenal, which makes visiting this dispensary a real treat. Tantalize your senses with the amazing products and vibe of this surprisingly welcoming shop!

Cannabis Dispensaries

This dispensary caters to all of Canada!

Cannabis Dispensary #1: MMJ Total Health Care – Okanagans unanimously agree that this is the best shop in the area. What makes this completely unique is the fact that it incorporates a professional approach to providing care to their patients. They provide an impressive menu that caters to specific medical needs. From high CBD strains to potent in-house topicals, they make sure everyone stays healthy. The best part is they offer shipping throughout Canada, so no MMJ patient has to go without relief. This shop isn’t open to everyone, but if you are a MMJ card holder you can’t find a better dispensary!

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