Virgin Branson Island Slot

Virgin Branson Island Slot

Virgin Casino has just announced that it is adding a very unique and new slot to its casino empire; it is a slot that will not be found elsewhere and is sure to raise some eyebrows inside and outside of the casino world.

The new slot was thought up as a way of offering Virgin casino players something new and unique they could not get elsewhere and also something that showed Virgin Casino for the great casino it is. The question many are asking is what this new slot is.

The new slot is based on Richard Branson’s own private island, that is right the slot is actually based on Richard Branson and his personal and private island. This is a unique and adventurous slot that is sure to wow the masses and also intrigue everyone too.

The slot will be called Necker Island and is being developed by Genesis Gaming Inc. The Necker Island slot carries fifty pay lines and has four rows of symbols across the reel making for much fun and frolics.

Whilst we are still awaiting the release date on this slot, we do know that Virgin Casino players are more excited by the release of this Necker Island slot than any other slot game Virgin Casino has released.

The Virgin Casino head of products, Warren Eloff, said of this new addition:

“We wanted to create a game exclusively for our Virgin Games players – something that only we could offer and that truly summed up being part of the Virgin community. As such, we thought it would be ideally fitting to have a game created by Genesis Gaming that was themed around Sir Richard Branson’s luxurious private island.”

Virgin Casino is part of the massive Virgin brand and is owned by Richard Branson himself.