Types of VIP Programs in Online Casino

Types of VIP Programs in Online Casino

Online gambling is a matter of mastery and dedication and often a right combination of all these skills can offer you many benefits. Most online casino programs offer a bonus, and perks for VIPs, loyalty, and high rollers etc. to increase that status.

Let’s find out about the best rewards programs that any online casinos might offer for VIP players in this piece of information.

Every online casino has its own rule and they offer several different types of VIP and rewards programs.  Casinos of lower tiers are more likely offer loyalty programs and upper tiers can add high roller perks and invitation-only clubs to their exclusive VIPs.

Most physical casinos offer loyalty programs that work as an incentive to play at their casino more often. They may also offer loyalty programs that let them track the information and habits of their customers.

Regularity in Play is Important

To keep a player stay with the casino it may offer basic programs which could be any small amount. The regularity of play is more important for these casinos than how much is bet or how much is lost or won by the player as they look for revisiting of the players regularly.

Often the casinos offer the player more than what they have been already doing. It might include free plays, gifts, coupons, bonus to recharges, and exclusive offers etc. which are common incentives.

With a high-end casino the reward bonus, the numbers, and frequencies associated with these incentives go up with specific occasions. You may become eligible for new and exclusive bonuses as you advance through tiers.

In such casinos, they use a specific point system, and given this program, an invitation to join a specific tier or program is sent to the player. These can be visible through an on-screen offer or through an official email.

These invitations are acknowledgment for your dedication and loyalty to the online casino. They also provide you with the details available for joining. You can join free of cost as the offer is created given your play to that casino. You only need to fulfill their requirements to maintain the membership as if you drop a tier you will lose the membership altogether.

Benefits of VIP Perks

In one program you may get many different bonuses. These programs keep scaling with the tiers. Here are some of the most popular and widely offered VIP perks!

Table Limits

Higher table limits are one of the most popular bonuses from VIP or rewards program leagues. There is a set limit of the amount that you can bet in a game. If you get these limits up you will be able to get the most out of your casino experience.


Drawing entries and raffles are also popular perks for online casino games. Through these programs, you automatically get eligible to enter into a drawing for an additional prize when you hit a set point amounts. This is a great way to provide a way to win something extra topping up your regular gaming for additional excitement and encouragement.

Cash Back    


Cashback is yet another very popular incentive which is offered to you in the form of cash. Through these programs, you can replace your points for money if you have already earned a decent number of points and want to redeem it. This cash can be available in the casino system for future use in the same game, other games, or for special events. Or else you may also redeem it as your winnings.

Free Plays


Free plays offer you more opportunities to play and win in addition to what you already been doing. These free plays are associated with a variety of games which can be a unique way to practice a new game or take a break from your preferred game. Based on different table limits and tiers of a program, these free games may define their range how much they return on a winning play.


This is the most genuine and helpful VIP per which you get as a bonus as in this program you get more chances to play and win. In this perk every time you deposit money into your account the casino gives you a bonus similar to that amount. Initially, this bonus could be $25% of $100 max. The top tiers may offer 100% matches which may go up to $1000 maximums. Such a huge deposited amount can be used for a specific game type or many games.

Exclusive Offers

This reward is quite exclusive of all which includes things the casino has access to. It could be discounts or free tickets to movies, music concerts, sporting events etc. It might offer you discounts on services such as travel or hotel stay in a network.

Get Recognized and Rewarded

Hope by now you know what to look for when you opt to join any casino to play online. Just make it a point to look for above-listed VIP perks as it will be of help if you happen to play well and enter into the VIP slot.