Treat Yourself to the Best Casinos in Montreal


Treat Yourself to the Best Casinos in Montreal

Even though Toronto’s casinos have stolen the spotlight, Montreal has a more refined gaming scene. There are only two casinos in the city, which allows them to provide a more intimate experience to visitors. In total there are over 3,010 slot machines and 115 table games to choose from. From Keno to Poker, every imaginable game is available to punters. This impressive selection allows visitors to indulge in all of their favorite games, without having to worry about crowds.

While both venues offer incredible experiences, they couldn’t be more different. One of the casinos is massive, while the other focuses mostly on poker and billiard. This stark contrast provides visitors with two very different options when gambling in Montreal. To highlight this contrast, we dove deep into both casinos. What we discovered was shocking, since both of them were equally enjoyable to visit. To see which casino is right for you, we compiled a list of what we love about both casinos. Each one has a certain charm, so don’t miss these casinos when visiting Montreal!

Examine Montreal’s Two Casinos

Montreal Casinos

This casino can’t be missed by poker lovers.

Casino #1: El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room – For those who are looking for a secluded place to play poker, this casino can’t be beaten. Instead of catering to the masses, El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room sticks to the basics. As their name proclaims, this casino is dedicated to uniting poker enthusiasts in a comfortable setting. Their 17 poker tables are open 7 days a week, so everyone gets a piece of the action. Every day visitors can compete against 150 players in this revered poker room.

On top of offering poker to strangers, El Jumelgi has their own poker league. This organization comprises of over 1,000 poker players who are vying for a cumulative prize pool. The amount varies every week, so there’s always an element of suspense. League members accumulate points during every game they play, which establishes their rank. These positions come with perks, since the highest ranking players win free seats at the All Star Tournament.

Even though their roster is impressive, the real appeal is El Jumelgi’s poker tournaments. These events are divided into three groups; Benefit, Mega and All Star tournaments. Their benefit tournaments congregate 200 players into an epic showdown. All of the profits are donated to charity, which is their way of giving back to the community. While the Benefit tournaments are for charity, the Mega tournaments are for the love of the sport. These large scale tournaments are open to anyone, so they attract the most players.

Out of all of El Jemelgi’s poker tournaments, the All Star tournament is the most cherished. Only 27 regular players can compete at these events, so it’s an honor to make it on the list. These tournaments only happen every three months, so they remain shrouded in secrecy. The Jumelgi Bar also offers billiard tournaments and cocktails, so everyone can enjoy this exclusive club!

Montreal Casinos

This huge casino dominates Montreal’s skyline.

Casino #2: Casino Montreal – While El Jumelgi prides itself on being small, this casino is larger than life. Ever since Casino Montreal opened in 1993, it has continued growing rapidly. Today this sprawling venue comprises of three massive buildings that offer six floors of gaming choices. Their 526,488 square feet of gaming space sports over 3,000 slot machines and 115 table games. Every day over 18,000 people flock to this casino to test their luck at a slew of impressive games. From massive poker tournaments to elegant amenities, this casino has it all. For those who enjoy the glitz and glamour, this casino can’t be missed.