cafés in montreal

Treat Yourself to the Best Cafés in Montreal

Montreal is full of surprises, & their café scene is no exception. This bustling city is absolutely packed with coffee shops. Each one boasts a unique style that’s showcased in the presentation of their products. These vibrant venues are the perfect place to start your day. They manage to liven things up with live music & cozy styles.

It’s no secret that Canadians have a long running affair with coffee. This unbridled passion has given birth to plenty of epic shops, & many consider Montreal the mecca for cafés. For this reason, it’s essential to visit their many unforgettable coffee shops. Since there are so many to choose from, finding the perfect one can be an overwhelming task. We decided to save visitors the headache by compiling a list of the top cafés in Montreal. These are the heart & soul of the city, so don’t miss them on your next trip!

3 of the Best Cafés in Montreal

cafés in montreal

You can’t go wrong with this cafe!

Café #3: Kafein Café Bar – This rambunctious venue is the perfect place to jumpstart your day. They offer a wide range of espresso infused drinks to make sure visitors leave fully alert. These exotic drinks range from Espresso Strawberry Honey Smoothies to their signature Kafein sure Glace. Each product features premium ingredients, so your taste buds will be doing backflips by the time you leave the shop.

Even though this is a great venue for a morning boost, things get even wilder during the nighttime. They regularly feature DJ’s, so patrons can get pumped while sipping on an espresso. For those who are longing for something more sophisticated, they have Jazz & poetry nights every week. They also host art events, so you can treat your inner critic. All these activities make this the perfect place to begin a night out on the town. Don’t miss out on the festivities, Montreal is all about treating yourself!

cafés in montreal

Each drink features a delightful surprise!

Café #2: Café Castel! – Morning coffee just got more interesting with this unique café. This venue prides itself on standing out, so each drink is customized with random artwork. Their exceptionally talented baristas love to surprise customers with different drink designs. They showcase their creativity by making cats, lions, dragons, flowers & faces in each drink’s foam. These vibrant designs are a cheerful reminder that it’s going to be an interesting day.

This wonderful café is located directly inside Best Western, which gives it a prime location. Visitors don’t have to look far if they are staying at the Ville-Marie Hotel. Every day should be full of surprises, so break up the monotony with this creative café!

cafés in montreal

This calm scenery changes drastically next door!

Café #1: Le Cajibi – If there’s one thing that Montrealers love more than coffee, it’s good music. This café offers patrons the best of both worlds with their two distinct locals. One is a cozy coffee shop, while the other is a bustling concert venue. The latter hosts a slew of local events that range from live bands to delightful street performers. This heavy hitting café manages to artfully blend espressos with rock & roll. Come on down to experience something completely unique!

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