These Unique London Cafes Refuse to Blend In

Even though Amsterdam has stolen the spotlight with their coffee shops, London’s cafes can’t be ignored. They aren’t nearly as intoxicating at what can be found in the Netherlands, but their charm is unmatched. Instead of seducing customers with world famous cannabis, they keep people coming back with their innovative themes. From teaching patrons how to sew to forgoing formal pricing, there are plenty of things that make London cafes exceptional.

Instead of conforming to what most clients expect, some cafes in London decided to make their own niche. While most cafes in the UK capital are normal, some refuse to fall into the stereotype. By daring to be different, these venues created something delightfully unique. Every day they impress countless patrons with their rebellious approach to serving coffee.

When faced with countless options in a sprawling metropolis, missing the best cafes is easy. First time visitors are bombarded with so many choices that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most interesting cafes in London. Their themes are nothing short of groundbreaking, so don’t miss them on your next trip!

Most Unique Cafes in London

London Cafes

Learn how to sew like an Englishwoman!

Café #3: Sew Over It Clapham – Out of all the entries on this list, none are more stereotypical than this café. This venue is nestled inside a basement in Clapham, and it’s dedicated to sewing. The décor is filled with wicker baskets that are complimented with floral prints and patterned cushions. Everyday this subterranean café gets filled with women of all ages who are sewing furiously.

Even though it seems to cater to English nannies, patrons quickly realize that sewing is fun for everyone. After paying the £6 entry fee, visitors get access to a slew of needlework gear. There are multiple sewing machines for big projects, & racks are filled with sewing paraphernalia. Even if you are completely lost with a sewing needle, it’s easy to get up to speed. The patrons are happy to pass on their knowledge, and sewing classes are available for those who need them. Learn a new hobby at this adorable café!

London Cafes

Rent out your spot in this cafe by the minute!

Café #2: Ziferblat – Even though this café describes itself as “a treehouse for grownups”, it’s business model more accurately resembles a timeshare. Instead of charging patrons for what they consume, everything is available for a flat fee. For five pence a minute, visitors get access to everything that the facility has to offer. The options are generous, since there’s a full kitchen, espresso machine, teas & unlimited peanut butter on toast.

Clients also get access to a large selection of books and records. It’s similar to an Airbnb property that’s open to the public. Even though at first it’s filled with strangers, by the end of your stay you will feel at home!

London Cafes

Embrace 3D printing!

Café #1: Makers Cafe – This minimalistic Shoreditch coffee shop celebrates the beauty of 3D printing. A window display machine is constantly turning out new creations, but the creativity doesn’t end there. On top of coffee, patrons are given a leaflet urging them to think of something to get 3D printed. These objects can be customized in a slew of ways, so there’s plenty of room to get creative. This is the perfect place to unleash your inner artist, so don’t miss it on your next trip!

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