The Top Game Slot Circus

The Top Game Slot Circus

Top Games has been unleashing a few new slot titles of late, but the very latest one really caught our eye. This new slot is a circus themed affair and looks like it could be a slot that will truly take the online casino world by storm.

Well all remember as a child when the circus rolled by in the summer months, we would nag our parents to take us so we could see the clowns and other circus acts. Well now you can enjoy the wonders of the casino when you like with this new Circus themed slot.

The slot in question is called Happy Circus, delivered by Top Game is stays in keeping with Top Game style of making everything have a comical edge to bring more fun to the game.

What is amazing about this Happy Circus slot is that it not only carries a comical edge, but it also has a good level of detail, something that lacks in a lot of slots. This detail allows you to immerse yourself further in your childhood fantasies of the circus acts you enjoyed.

As you would expect, this Happy Circus slot is a five reel affair. The slot also carries a jackpot maximum of 8,000 coins and this is delivered when you get the strongman resplendent in his Lycra suit and his weights across your pay line.

The wild in this game is the clown. The wild doesn’t give any financial payout, it doesn’t deliver any bonuses either, what the clown does is act as any other symbol so if you have two strongmen and a clown, then you will be paid for three strongmen.

The other symbols on this slot include a multitude of circus animals, the joker on his one wheel cycle, the big top, the magician and more.