Take a Tour of the Most Luxurious Cafes in the World

luxurious cafes

Take a Tour of the Most Luxurious Cafes in the World

Even though most cafes are affordable places to get quality coffee, some venues break the mold. While most consumers are satisfied by a latte from Starbucks, others boast more refined tastes. On top of demanding quality coffee, many clients want an experience. The sky is the limit when it comes to spending for this niche of customers, which has created a new generation of cafes. Instead of focusing on humble settings and great coffee, these shops aim for extravagance. From exotic delicacies to lavish décor, each luxurious café has gone the extra mile to distinguish itself form the competition.

Unsurprisingly, this focus on lavishness has created some truly spectacular cafes. Faced with a potential bonanza, many cafes have adapted to accommodate the unique demands of high end customers. Sporting outrageously priced treats and iconic artwork, these cafes have turned a simple pastime into a luxury. Despite being surrounded by more budget friendly options, the outlandish features of these cafes continue to lure in curious customers.

On top of being novel, this wave of luxurious cafes showcases the evolution of the industry. As the stereotypes start to fade away, this new breed of cafes have become wildly popular. To truly understand how diverse cafes have become, examining the most lavish venues is essential. It’s amazing how lucrative coffee can be, which is why we compiled a list of the most luxurious cafes. The allure of these venues is undeniable, so tantalize your view of what’s possible with this list!

Top 3 Luxurious Cafes in the World

Luxurious Cafes

These expensive chocolates attract clients from around the world.

Café #3: Bulgari, Tokyo – Japan is home to many designer cafes, and this one manages to be the most decadent. By combining lush décor with extremely expensive chocolate, Bulgari is a café that’s designed for the affluent. Despite costing $16 for a small piece, most clients accompany their drinks with this coveted chocolate.

The chocolate is a calling card of this café, which is why it’s just as lavish as it is expensive. Each piece is expertly crafted and sports a level of detail that’s rarely scene in sweets. The interior of the café sports neutral tones that are highlighted by luxurious pieces. This unique combination of exotic design and chocolate embodies Japan’s infatuation with high end cafes.

Luxurious Cafes

The outlandishness of this cupcake defies all reason.

Café #2: Bloomsbury Café, Dubai – Dubai is a city that celebrates excess, so it’s no surprise that their most revered café made our list. Out of all the cafes in the world, patrons would be hard-pressed to find a higher end venue. This is due to the fact that this café sells the most expensive cupcakes in the world. Retailing at $1,000, these sweets are the epitome of luxury. The cupcake batter is infused with edible gold that shimmers in the light when cooked. Even though it’s far from a wise investment, there’s no better way to brag about your finances than eating a $1,000 cupcake.

Luxurious Cafes

This cafe is packed with priceless artwork.

Café #1: Café Florian, Venice – On top of being lavish, this is one of the oldest functioning cafes in the world. Founded in the early 18th century, this venue gained the respect of its clients by defying the rules. They openly served women in a time when it was illegal to do so. While this move was admirable, the artwork displayed in this café steals the show. Their gilded ceilings house some of the most iconic artwork in the world. Half museum and half café, this epic venue takes clients on a tour through history with every visit. It doesn’t get more exquisite than this café, so indulge in education the next time you’re in Venice!