Santa Rudolph Slot

Santa Rudolph Slot

Christmas is a coming and with all the baubles and the decorated Christmas tree comes good cheer. It is also the time of the year when we get stuffed full of Turkey and decide it’s time to settle down to a game on the slots rather than go for an energetic stroll. With this in mind what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a brand new Christmas slot delivered by RTG.

Thats right, RTG has just announced the release of a brand new Christmas slot called The Elfs Wars. For those that know their Christmas slots, they will be aware that this is part of a series of Santa vs Rudolph slots from RTG and this is number four in the compilation.

You may be wondering how the Elves have got into the action. Well the Elves have been watching from the side lines in this battle between Santa and Rudolph, this was until now. The Elves have taken sides and brought in the big guns to try and settle the issue once and for all.

The symbols on this new Santa Rudolph slot include Rudolph as a dictator in army fatigues and Santa looking like he has escaped from prison with massive muscles and loads of tattoos, you will also see Elf based symbols with one being full of good elves and another full of evil ones.

This series has continued because many have loved its dark humour and funny twist on the classic Christmas style. In fact more people enjoy these slots than pretty much any other Christmas themed affair.

Now this is not your usual fluffy Christmas themed slot, in fact its a Christmas warzone, something that actually makes the slot even more appealing. Do you have the bottle to see Santa and Rudolph fighting to the death?