Roulette Marvel Game

Roulette Marvel Game

We all know about the Marvel based slots, many of us know of the falling out between Marvel and Playtech, but not many of us realise that the Marvel based games are back on the cards at Playtech in a different form.

Recently Playtech released a Marvel based standalone slot, different to its usual progressive affairs and now the company has gone all out to create a new and different type of Marvel casino game.

We all know the roulette game, it has its standard style which has never changed. Because of this everyone thinks nothing can be done to make it more interesting, well that was until now. Playtech has only gone and combined roulette with Marvel superheroes and slots to create a new Marvel roulette game!

As you would expect from a roulette game, the usual 0 to 36 numbers are on the table, but there is the additional Marvel bonus bet that you can enjoy too. On the bonus bet you can enjoy a new dimension of roulette gaming, along with additional betting styles such as racetrack style betting.

The Marvel Bonus bet works as follows:

If you place a bet on the Marvel Bonus and the ball finishes there then the bonus round is triggered. Here you will be immersed into a three reel slot game using the amount wagered on the roulette as your collateral. You can play your slot game and try to win more cash.

On top of the Marvel bonus bet there is the Marvel Mystery game, this is essentially the progressive game we know and love in a multi level format for all to enjoy.

Combined, this Marvel roulette game delivers an all round special gaming experience coupled with Marvel superheroes to make it that extra special. This is going to be a huge game for all to enjoy.