Principles of Slot Machines you Must Know before Playing

Principles of Slot Machines you Must Know before Playing

Almost every slot player wonders is it possible to beat the slots machine? The answer is a clear no. Although there are a few players, who have beaten the slots, in reality, it is not possible to do so. So friends, the best advice for those who are beginners and who are out to try their luck, is to select the right machine, strategies and handle their bankroll prudently to avoid losing a large amount of money.

How Does a Slot Machine Work?

Slot machines are completely mechanical and technology based. On the contrary, the old slot machines were not mechanical. Today’s slot machines are smart and are capable of selecting the results that they want to manifest on the screen or reels when any player pushes the start button. The machine selects a random number for every reel and stops it at a specific time.

These machines are equipped with a Random Number Generator (RNG) which is responsible for spitting out millions of random numbers. Every time any player hit the start button, one number is allotted for a single reel. To put it simply, the chances of winning a player are already decided when they hit the button.

The result of any spin is not at all predictable. This makes it very clear that there is no way to predict whether you would win a prize or not. Here are some rules you should be aware of before hitting the start button to play a slot machine:

  • Hitting a jackpot will not necessarily make you lose right after that. Neither does it mean that you will win over again!

No slot machine retains the memory of the jackpots it has already delivered. It continues spitting out random numbers, which determines the fate of the player whether the player is going to win or lose.

  • A Slot machine never function on pre-determined sequences or formats

Each individual spin of the slot is simply random and impossible to predict by anyone.

  • The previous spins and future spins are not at all co-related

The machine’s any action is never instrumental in its any future results thus influencing the results of the players.

  • No machines are inclined towards beating the players

Every slot machines offer the equal opportunity of winning or losing. There is no relation with earlier or later payouts offered by any specific slots. And if any player wins any jackpot immediately after you, this is sheer luck and has no relation with the fact that your luck was right the next move that you left.

  • The concept that when you play longer your chances of winning gets bigger is a myth.

Often this concept is supported by many. Although it might increase the chance often time spending on any specific machine cannot change your destiny and you cannot guarantee to win the jackpot. It does not matter at all which machine you are playing. Every spin and machine is unique with new and same chance of winning or losing for everyone. It is all just the game of luck and random spin.

  • The pattern of your pushing the button has nothing to do with the result of the spin

As it is quite clear with all above mentions, there is no relation of results with the way you push the machine’s button as in every type of push the machines spit out random numbers. Now any player can never know the right moment when the jackpot is determined by the Random Number Generator.

  • The payouts cannot be manipulated by the casino

Only when the casino changes the computer chips, the payouts will be changed with a new one. Otherwise, it cannot change the payouts. But changing of the computer chip is expensive and time-consuming that makes it almost impossible to do the changes frequently.

The fact is – the Random Number Generator keeps spitting out continuously, playing around with dozens of numbers and number combinations every second. You just have to keep hitting the button to get a new combination of “pop up”. So keeping these things and principle in mind will help you set out on your journey to the online world of gaming with clear concepts without any myths. So, have a great luck!