Playtech Benchwarmer Football Girls

Playtech Benchwarmer Football Girls

Playtech has just launched a brand new soccer slot that is sure to take the online casino world by storm.

Many will feel that Playtech has missed a trick by not unleashing this slot either a month earlier when the Euro 2012 competition was in full flow, or a month later when the European domestic football seasons kick off. The truth is that Playtech has actually produced the best trick of them all with this interesting slot because they have seen a very big gap in the soccer market and exploited it big time.

The slot in question is called Benchwarmer Football Girls and as the name suggests, it is ladies, not footballers that are the centre of attention in this slot game.

The game is based on soccer, that much is true, but the main focus of attraction in this slot is not the football, but rather the bevy of beautiful girls by the side of the pitch near the substitute’s bench.

The girls are all scantily clad and showing their sexy stuff whilst holding brightly coloured footballs at the side of the pitch. This will make many feel they will be too busy watching the ladies to play the slot to full effect, but there is something that is sure to drive you on in succeeding.

When you win a pay line on this Benchwarmer Football Girls slot, one of the beautiful girls will pull a sexy pose to show their appreciation and to give you an extra boost on top of winning some cash!

In total there are five beautiful models to see on this slot and a massive and enjoyable game to enjoy too.

This promises to be one for the lads, also it promises to be new and unique so Playtech has really overachieved in the men’s eyes.