Playboy Slot to be unveiled

Playboy Slot to be unveiled

There has been reports that a new slot is about to be launched by Microgaming, a slot that is sure to garner a lot of attention from the males of the Homo sapiens race, that’s men to you and me! Well these reports were well founded.

At the start of the month Microgaming unleashed a very special Playboy Slot onto the online casino world and it caused almost meltdown as people from all walks of life have clamoured to give this new slot a try. Now it would be sexist to say all these people were males and it would be inaccurate too as many ladies have also wanted to find out what this slot is all about.

Before the 3rd of July, certain online casinos built up the suspense of this new slot with interesting strap lines to gain a captive audience. None of these garnered as much attention as Crazy Vegas Casino with the following strap line: “Temperatures will rise on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 as players are ushered behind the velvet rope and into the Playboy lifestyle, the epitome of luxury and style.”

One of the biggest things to note is the crystal clear graphics, something that is perfect giving the alluring nature of the classy, yet enticing images the slot conjures up. The slot offer five reels and also delivers two hundred and forty three ways to win, so nothing special for a Microgaming slot there you may think. What it does give is a special bonus game where you can enter the Playboy club and enjoy special benefits such as copious amounts of free spins.

The symbols you watch out for are the Playboy bunnies themselves; these are Sofia, Kimi, Ashley, Jillian and many more. The Playboy logo is also a must to watch out for.