Online Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Online Slots

Online Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Online Slots

Ever since the 90’s slot machines have captivated the attention of millions of players from around the world. The explosive popularity of online slots was inevitable, since slot machines have been dominating casinos ever since they were introduced. Nowadays slot machines account for over 70% of casino profits, & online slots are generating a mind boggling amount of cash. Even with their massive amount of users online slots are still shrouded in secrecy, with a large proportion of users not knowing how they work. We compiled this list of FAQ to allow people to discover the most elusive explanations for their favorite online slots.

Are the outcomes of online slots really random?

Luckily for players the answer to this question is yes. Online slots are strictly monitored by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which produces results created by mathematical algorithms. To keep them in check online casinos are regularly subject to strict auditing of their payout rates. So if you are playing with a reputable online casino you will have regulated odds.

What was the first online slot game?

Slot Machines made their historic debut online in the mid 90’s with the first web based casino affectionately called “Internet Casino”. Internet Casino featured classic games that were the blueprint for the games that we still enjoy to this day. The first online slot looked almost identical to what it looked like in real life, with the only noticeable difference being the “spin” button that replaced the side arm used to make the wheels rotate.

Do you have to play online slots for real money?

No, most online casinos give you an instant play option with a practice mode that allows you to play without betting any money. This feature is great to hone your skills before you have to put your money where your mouth is.

Which slots have the best odds?

In general non-progressive slots with the smallest payout rates have the best odds for victory. Remember that the money to pay out huge jackpots has to come from somewhere. Casinos protect themselves from too many people winning big by increasing the house advantage on high stake jackpots. So if you are shooting for a million dollar jackpot think twice and go for something that is statistically more attainable. Higher denomination machines also have better odds but only play these if your budget allows you to do so.

Which online slot offers the highest jackpots?

Among the many high paying jackpots there is one notorious jackpot that stands out, Mega Moolah. This online slot has created more millionaires than any slot in the entire Micrograming collection. Due to its illustrious history of massive payouts this infamous jackpot has become one of the most well-known online slots in the world.

How do I find the payout percentage of an online slot?

The availability of the payout percentage depends on the online casino. Some openly display the payout percentage on the pay table & others cleverly hide this in their help pages. Other online casinos will avoid posting the payouts all together. If you run into an online casino who is doing this you can contact the casino’s customer support and they will begrudgingly give you the grisly details.

Is there a good system for beating online slots?

Unfortunately no matter what anyone tries to get you to believe, slots are governed by RNG’s and there are no magical systems that will allow you to beat these statistics. Avoid getting ripped off by never paying a dime to someone offering you a slot system because in the end a proven slot system simply doesn’t exist.