Odd Bars Everyone Should Visit in Vancouver

Vancouver is filled with interesting themed bars, but a few wild venues steal the show. These late-night hotspots have become icons with their out of this world themes. From nostalgic throwbacks to exotic décor, these odd bars have become more than just places to get drinks. They provide glimpses into other worlds, and give patrons a refreshing break from the norm. Instead of giving in to the redundancy, these bars aimed to create something truly unique. Everyone agrees that they succeeded, since you will be hard-pressed to find anything like them outside Vancouver.

Nothing is more unique than their citizens, so it’s no surprise that Vancouver is filled with delightfully odd bars. They have become must see attractions for visitors and locals alike. Since there are so many venues to choose from, finding the wildest ones can be daunting. For this reason, we created a list of the oddest bars in Vancouver. Visiting them is an experience, so don’t miss out on your next trip!

Oddest Bars In Vancouver

Odd Bars

Set your lazar gun aside and have some fun!

Odd Bar #3: The Storm Crow Tavern – For those who love Star Wars and playing Dungeons & Dragons, this bar is for you. It celebrates everything nerdy, and this mission is reflected in every aspect of the bar. From the décor to the drink list, this venue is bursting at the seams with quirky features. They provide a wide variety of board games, choose your own adventure books and epic BC beers.

All this is backed up with a delicious lunch and dinner menu that has enough choices to please anyone. Their cocktails steal the show, since they contain just as much alcohol as nerdiness. Even if you can’t remember every Sci-Fi film off the top of your head, it’s still an interesting place to visit. This is the polar opposite of a normal bar, so try something unique!

Odd Bars

Enjoy the best cocktails in Vancouver!

Odd Bar #2: The Shameful Tiki Room – As soon as clients enter the premises, they are thrown into a Polynesian style oasis. The décor is spectacular, since they feature a number of high quality Tiki designs that are completely unique. From puffer fish lamps to one of a kind Tiki carvings, this bar is a whole new world. There are no visible windows, so day and night are routinely blurred.

It’s a hypnotic atmosphere that’s only overshadowed by the quality of their cocktails. They serve the best Mai Tai’s in Vancouver, and each drink comes in a uniquely carved Tiki cup. On top of this obvious classic, the rest of their drinks don’t disappoint. They also feature Day of the Dead zombie cocktails that boast a slew of wild features. This interesting mix of Tiki and zombies can’t be found anywhere else in the world, so dive into this paradise!

Odd Bars

Go back in time with this wild bar!

Odd Bar #1: Prohibition – Traveling back in time into the 1920’s used to be impossible, until this bar opened up. Now all patrons have to do to enjoy the best of the roaring twenties is visit this bar. It’s packed with decadent décor that’s brought to life by its outgoing staff. Everyone is in character, so it’s easy to forget it’s still 2017. From the cocktails to the ambience, no part of this golden age is lost. Lose yourself in one of the last speakeasies in the world!

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