Ninja Based Slot Launched

Ninja Based Slot Launched

Everyone loves a good martial arts flick and nothing rivals this than the ninja, the covert mercenary of old Japan who had martial arts and knife skills in abundance.

Realtime Gaming (RTG) has decided that the Ninja is not shown enough in the slots and for this reason has just launched a Ninja themed slot called Ninja Star. There are many Samurai types of slots available, now we have a Ninja slot too. The difference between the Samurai and the Ninja are very stark, the Samurai fought by a code of honour whilst the Ninja fought on their own terms through secrecy and espionage.

Ninja Star is a very interesting and enticing slot. The backdrop is ancient Japan as one would imagine, but the symbols are very different to what you would usually see for ancient Japan based slots. Firstly the Ninja is the main symbol to find and forms the wild symbol. The Ninja wild symbols appears on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels and creates a multitude of frantic Ninja animation when you win with other symbols. Unlike other slots, the wild does not have a payout of its own on this game.

The scatter for the game is the Ninja Star and this gives out large payouts, you can also expect to see the usual high value cards, the Ninja Star slot logo, a temple and a variety of Ninja weapons that would have scared anyone in times of old.

This is a five reel slot that carries a payout maximum of 10,000 coins, but also attracts big jackpots through its other larger symbol payouts. There are 25 pay lines and its only 0.25 credits wager per payline.

If you are into your old world Japanese history, or simply love the thought of the Ninja, then look no further than this top game.