New Virgin Casino Games

New Virgin Casino Games

Virgin Casino has just added three new games to its online casino, all of which are pokies that many will enjoy. One of the games is a mix between poker and the slots, whilst the other two are big named Marvel slots.

Virgin Casino is known for adding a new game every week, but to add three in one week is pretty unusual and this is what initially caught our attention. But when you look at the three games added you start to take more note of these great games and wonder how they decided to launch all three at the same time, rather than independently.

The first of these three games is called Reely Poker and is a slot based on our second most loved casino game, poker. The slot actually takes the form of a standard slot set up with 5 reels, the usual themed symbols and a bonus round that offers a multiplier. The poker element is that the theme is poker and this means all the symbols are actually important cards in a game of poker, such as the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and so one.

The bonus round is a Hold ‘Em style game where you will have multipliers and also hold the potential to win large sums.

The two marvel games are Fantastic Four and Iron Man, both huge slots that many of you will be chomping at the bit to have a go at. The Marvel series of slots are big money games where you can win some large sums, they are also very interesting and you find that many people love to play them. Based on the comics and with blockbuster Hollywood films to their names, the Fantastic Four and Iron are both massive games that Virgin Casino will do well with.