New Vampire Slot called Transylvania

New Vampire Slot called Transylvania

We normally see an abundance of online slots based around Vampires and other spooky things of the night around the time of Haloween, so we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that Top Game was bringing out a Vampire themed slot.

The slot is called Transylvania and for those in the know you will realise that this is the home of Vampires. Transylvania is found in Romania and stories are told of a Vampire of old who terrorised the people of this place. These stories transcended through the years into a fascination of the blood sucking Vampires and has ended with a wonderfully themed slot on the subject from Top Game called Transylvania.

The slot itself is set in the backdrop of the Vampire counts own castle which casts and eerie feeling over proceedings and offers a wonderful and different effect to the game play. The reels themselves conjure up the usual King, Queen, Jack, Ten card symbols but also a nice array of Vampire base symbols too. The symbols to watch out for are the Count himself and three of his family members, the Werewolf, the haunted house, candles, a cross and of course the Holy Bible.

The Counts family offer the largest payouts with the count himself being worth the most. On top of this you have the Werewolf who is the wild symbol and the haunted house is the scatter.

Each of the symbol has its own graphics and sounds that will certainly keep you entertained. The werewolf for example howls at a full moon while having the crimson blood showing in his mouth.

Top Game has certainly delivered with this slot we are sure you will agree.

This is a wonderful five reel slot that offers a jackpot of up to 5,000 coins.