New Samba Brazil Slot

New Samba Brazil Slot

It seems that South American culture based slots are all the rage at the moment with RTG delivering a Mexican themed slot and now Playtech joining suit with an amazing Brazilian based slot.

Playtech has had a busy year in developing slots and most have been based on anything other than countries and their cultures, but it seems that they didn’t shy away from culture in this latest offering. With Brazil being renowned for their carnival atmosphere and the Samba, it seems fitting that Playtech would use these as the theme for their latest slot.

The slot is called Samba Brazil and it was released at Omni Casino not too long ago. Since its release the slot has gained notoriety for being an immense slot to play on. Omni Casino even published the strapline “Dance your heart out in Free Games and shake those maracas in the Samba Music Bonus!” to get people in the groove for a game on Samba Brazil.

As the name suggests, this is a colourful and enjoyable affair that sees drums, fire eaters, maracas and various Samba dancing girls as the symbols. All of these symbols are brilliantly designed and really give a powerful statement about the Samba culture and the wonders of Brazil.

The most sought after symbol in the game has to be the Samba Brazil logo that kicks off the samba music and more importantly gives you a scatter payout that can be anything up to one hundred times the amount you wagered.

The dancing samba girls are also important symbols to find, not only for their alluring nature but also because they can also deliver big jackpots when three or more roll in.

If you’re looking for a new slot to play at then you would be hard pressed to find one as vibrant as this.