New Mythological Online Slot

New Mythological Online Slot

Microgaming has been exceptionally busy with new games and this latest offering really does show the extent in which Microgaming go to in delivering unique and interesting games.

The new game in question is called Jason and the Golden Fleece. For those that are not aware, this is the same Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology. Jason and the Golden Fleece is another story in the Jason saga as he took to the seas with his men on a journey for a golden fleece.

This game pays homage to the story to Jasons story of trying to get the Golden Fleece and takes you through the wonderful story from thousands of years ago. For those who know their Greek mythology there is a veritable feast of important players in the life of Jason, such as Argonauts, Argo, Chiron, Colchis, Crete, Iolcus, Myasia, Medea, Sirenum and Symplegades ….not to mention Jason himself!

What will instantly hit you when you compare this game to other Greek mythology slots is the fact that this game is advanced in its graphics and has a huge level of game play too. As with many slots, this games has a bonus level too. Whilst many bonus rounds are simple affairs, the bonus round in this slot is actually a 6 level affair.

The bonus feature is a quest that every time you trigger the feature you will see the Argonauts move another step on their map quest. To trigger the feature you need to find three golden fleece on the reels, with this occurring six times taking the Argo to the furthest reaches and give you the best bonus.

If this new Microgaming slot interests you, you can find it at many Microgaming slots such as Platinum Play or All Slots Casino.