New Hit it Rich Slots Games

New Hit it Rich Slots Games

Now by the title you will think this is a new game, but it is actually a new style of slots gaming that is taking the online gaming world by storm. Developed by the world leading Zynga, the new Hit It Rich! Style is a mix of brilliant slots game play and a multitude of iconic themes too.

The idea behind this game is not for solitary fun too, it is a game that has been developed to make slots fun social gaming with an online social element that will allow friends and acquaintances across the internet to play for fun and frolics.

Hit it Rich Slots Games

Currently Hit It Rich! Offers the wonders of Elvira, and this seductress of darkness does not fail to impress. Elvira came first because this game was launched just in time for Halloween so she was the perfect launch game.

For those people not seduced by Elvira, don not worry because there is going to be a wealth of other famous names hitting the Hit It Rich game, such as Sex and the City to The Wizard of Oz.

Zynga are really excited by their new game as the following statement shows: “Hit It Rich! is a new kind of online social casino experience that blends iconic entertainment with the excitement of slots game-play to deliver players the most fun and engaging casino games,”

“Hit It Rich! is the first and only social casino game to provide a deep range of styles from branded to cartoon to fantastical to bring our players a new level of online slots gaming.”

Whilst most slots are found at the online casinos, Hit It Rich! will be different because its all based on social gaming and because of this you will find the game across a myriad of social networks, just where all other Zynga games are found.