New Bodog Casino slot

New Bodog Casino slot

A month or so back there were reports that Bodog was being shut down, it even had a seized notice from the US government. What is interesting is that this only relates to the domain and you can still enjoy Bodog at other variants of this casino such as the site.

Now we have got that out of the way lets talk about how Bodog Casino is still launching new slots and has just launched a brilliant new slot for all the world to enjoy (except US players!).

The new slot in question is called Ares and carries the sub heading The Battle for Troy. As the name would suggest this game thrusts you back into Ancient Greece with its mythical gods. For those in the know Ares was a god himself, he was the god of war and the child of Zeus and Hera. The sub heading gives the specifics of the game as you are embroiled in the battle of Troy, in this battle Ares supports the Greeks by giving them the information they need to try and win the battle.

This slot has no specific pay lines as such, but the usual symbols in a row on the reel win you hard money. The symbols on the slot are unsurprisingly related to Greek warrior weapons and body armour. The lower yielding symbols include armour, a helmet and a shield, but if you want to win larger sums you need to find the wild which is the Spartan Warrior or the scatter which is the Trojan Horse.

For those that know their battles the Greeks won by offering a large wooden Trojan Horse as a peace offering, in the dead of night a small army of Greeks who were hidden in the horse came out fighting and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek forces.

As you can see this is going to be a brilliant slot that many will enjoy.