Microgaming Unleashing 2 New Slots

Microgaming Unleashing 2 New Slots

Microgaming has been a very busy software company over the last few weeks, so much so that this week saw not one, but two new games released. On your first foray to see these games you will actually feel there is nothing special about them and this is why they were able to release two in tandem, when you play however you will see things a lot differently.

Octopay is the first of the two slots and you may be wondering what this game is all about, well the Octo part of the name does give a subtle hint as this is an underwater affair. There is a huge two hundred and forty three ways to win on this five reel slot and you can expect to see such symbols like ship wrecks, treasure chest and other underwater paraphernalia. The symbol to watch on this pokie is the baby Octopus, see this on reels two and four and you will awaken the Kraken!

The wagering system for Octpay is interesting as you can wager between 30 to 300 coins with wagers going up in multiples of 30 so you can bet big or small as long as the increment increases by thirty at a time.

The second game is a totally different affair and is a sports based slot with ice hockey being the game of choice. The game is called Break Away and promises much whilst delivering even more!

Again this slot offer two hundred and forty three ways to win so there is loads to play for and potential big jackpots on offer. The flaming puck is the symbol you want to watch out for as this is the scatter symbol that can deliver something special in the way of up to 25 free spins.