Little Devil Deluxe Slot

Little Devil Deluxe Slot

Whilst we know our last news article was related to Virgin Casino launching three new games, we are talking Virgin Casino again about ANOTHER new slot they have launched.

This slot is called the Little Devil Deluxe slot and as the name suggests, it has connotations about the devil and the pits of hell. Even the strap line that Virgin is using lends itself to the theme as it says “Great balls of fire! Get ready to burn up the reels and set yourself alight with wins.”

This slot is a reel dinger as it not only has one bonus round, it actually has two bonus rounds for you to rip into and enjoy. The first is the amazing Fireball round. When you get the fireball symbols appear it is a race against time as the Fireball round is launched when the time runs out. Once you press the start button your bonus round begins and your fireball essentially become pin balls with each fireball landing in a pocket that will dictate a multiplier to your game.

The second bonus round is called Pick a Devil and involves picking a devil to find out how many free spins you are going to get, to get this bonus you need three or more devils on your reels.

This is a five reel slot that carries twenty pay lines and has a total jackpot of two thousand coins maximum.

The Little Devil Deluxe slot is an amazing and enjoyable new slot that many are going to enjoy. It is also a slot that shows why many love Virgin Casino and flock to play at this great casino. If you love slots with a cheeky theme based on the devil himself then you are going to be lured by this slot.