Kitten Themed Slot at Virgin Casino

Kitten Themed Slot at Virgin Casino

Keeping in tune with the Virgin Casino ethos of weekly new slots they have just gone and released a new slot for all to enjoy. Now usually the new slots are hard hitting themed affairs but this one has a cuddlier feel to it.

Why is this new slot so cuddly? Well the theme is kittens; yes those little fluffy bundles of love that grow into cats!

What is so great about this slot is that it not only has a great jackpot, the graphics are so gentle and soft with the fluffy kittens and all that you are sure to find your eyes melt at the sight of this great slot. Even Virgin Casino has gone weak at the knees as they have even names the kittens on the slot: “Pets Pay Day is the fluffiest slot in town! Join Max, Fluffy, Chichi and Fudge as they tear up the living room.” Is what Virgin Casino has to say about the new Kitten Slot.

This is a five reel slot with a twenty five pay line, the slot is based in the living room of a person’s house and you can wager from as little as 0.01 to a huge 250 credits per spins. The more you wager the higher the jackpot you can expect to gain, the highest jackpot is colossal at 125,000 credits.

The symbols range from Kitten toys such as a ball of yarn or string to a food bowl and a ball, the big paying symbols however are the four Kittens that Virgin has lovingly named Max, Fluffy, Chichi and Fudge.

As usual Virgin Casino has surpassed everyone’s expectations with this new slot and we await the next instalment of slots they are about to unleash on the unsuspecting online casino world.