Jumping Beans Slot

Jumping Beans Slot

You would have thought that with the thousands of slots available online there was no room for new and interesting themes. Whilst many themes are rehashed and made into newer and better slots, its difficult to think of a themed slot where the idea has not been used in some way, but RTG seem to have achieved the unthinkable and released a slot with a new theme twist.

Okay so when we tell you the theme you will say, “Oh thats been done to death that one!”. However we feel this take on a large niche is actually new and exciting.

The slot in question is called Jumping Beans and you will not get it from the name but this is a Mexican based slot. Jumping beans comes from the fact that pretty much all Mexican food has beans of some kind as part of its base ingredients.

So what can you expect from Jumping Beans?

Well you can expect a feast of Mexican themes in a colourful and vibrant setting. The symbols you will see are things like the Taco, Bandido Bean, cabana, sun, maracas, guitar, rose and cactus. One of the interesting aspects of Jumping Beans is that while most slots only pay out when three or more symbols are found in a row, Junping Beans actually pays out when two symbols are in a row for a selected number of lower payout symbols. This means you have an even greater chance of winning on the slot.

The symbols to watch out for on the slot are Mr. Bean and Mrs. Bean, two characterised beans. Both of these will give you free spins and more if you are able to gain three or more in a row. Should a Mr. or Mrs. Bean appear above or below your line then they will automatically nudge onto your line to help you.