In It To Win It Slot

In It To Win It Slot

in-it-to-win-itAll the talk of the online casino community has been about the Playboy slot that Microgaming has released. In fact we have even been writing about this new and interesting slot ourselves, but Microgaming is not just a one trick pony and they have developed other new slots this month.

Today we are going to tell you about another addition to the Microgaming family this July, the new slot in question is called “In it to win it” and promises to be a great slot that many will enjoy. So let’s settle down and find out more about this great new slot eh!

In It To Win It Slot

The backdrop to this slot is a wonderful and classy, almost too refined mansion that really gives an air of opulence. The story itself is of a big time business man with money to burn on the finer things we all aspire to enjoy.

As the story suggests, you will be looking for symbols that are clearly associated with the likes of Richard Branson and Donald Trump. The symbols you most want to watch out for have to be the Vintage Car, the Private Jet or simple to rolls of lovely money…also the In It to Win It logo is worth keeping your eye on.

This is a slot that offers three rows of reels and one hundred pay lines to enjoy, its unique in its design and this adds to its game play and interest. There are certainly many who will love to give In It To Win It and give them a try.

Should I play this slot?

The answer to this is simple, you certainly should as it pays out big money and also has a really good playing value with great graphics to boot.